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    Globally together, ERP for Norma Group

    Norma Group, a global company from the automotive industry, has entrusted Sii with the preparation of the base version of the ERP system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX, which will be the basis for the global implementation covering approx. 100 countries.

    Norma Group is a global leader in connecting solutions used in the automotive, aviation, construction and transport industries. The company has 10 thousand customers in approx. 100 countries around the world. After several years of rapid growth through acquisitions, the company decided to organise its IT infrastructure to prepare for further growth. Sii has been selected as a key technology partner of this major transformation.

    Norma Group plans to implement a standard ERP system that will be the basis for implementations in other divisions of the Group. The solution developed in cooperation with Sii will be localised, i.e. adapted to the local laws, customs and language. Finance and reporting will be unified to allow Norma Group to better manage resources, finances and processes. Both of these layers will together form a global ERP system.

    The project involving the ERP system is the result of previous cooperation between Norma Group and Sii in other projects, both application and technology.

    We are proud that Norma Group has chosen us as a partner to develop a base version of the ERP system and the first location of a future global implementation – says Sebastian Dubiel, Business Manager in Sii Krakow.

    The confidence placed in Sii by Norma Group stems not only from the high assessment of the competence and potential of Sii as a supplier. It is also the result of the fact that the employees of Sii were able to play the role of business partners and establish lasting relationships with its key managers and specialists.

    The main factor in the success of any deployment of IT solutions is good relations between people. It is not only experience and professional project management, but also a goal-oriented approach, and the willingness and ability to listen. Fortunately, we have both the competence and interpersonal skills that have been tested more than once in the automotive industry” – explains Piotr Puszcz, AX Practice Manager in Sii.

    The experience of Sii Polska in the automotive sector is not just empty boasting. It is evidenced by the fact that the contract between Norma Group and Sii was signed within four months of receiving the request for quotation. As for a project of such high complexity and importance to the client, this is a record-breaking amount of time.



    A project like this is always a big challenge, but we are optimistic. We have formal certification and extensive experience in working with the Dynamics AX system as well as the Sure Step methodology. We also have an excellent team, positive motivation, and above all, customer confidence. Mutual trust is essential. Always” – emphasises Sebastian Dubiel.

    Solutions implemented based on Microsoft Dynamics AX are one of the ten areas of Sii’s competence. For over 10 years the company has completed a number of projects in the production and distribution sector, including many in the automotive industry, both in Poland and abroad.


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