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How did Sii experts support a healthcare sector leader in optimizing a vast integration platform infrastructure? Learn more about ORB Integration Insights

Sii Poland experts supported one of the largest global healthcare companies in the implementation of ORB Integration Insights, that is, a solution aimed at optimizing an overdeveloped SnapLogic integration platform infrastructure. The deployment of Sii’s solution translated into strategic benefits for the client, including reducing analysis time from a few days to a few minutes, improving business decisions, and reducing maintenance costs for the platform.

Sii’s client is a multinational healthcare and life sciences company that has been constantly strengthening its leading position in the market. Due to the wide scale of adoption of their integration platform by a line of business users, they had an explosion of pipelines, sometimes duplicating pipelines for the same function which reduced efficiency. The solution included several thousand data pipelines and since there were numerous developers and feature teams involved, its maintenance generated increased costs. Therefore, the client was looking for a business partner that would support the integration teams and streamline their operations.

Sii Poland found the answer to the business challenges that the company had to face. The Digital Competency Center experts have developed ORB Integration Insights, custom analysis, and discovery software for large integration platforms. In addition, the solution made it possible to create dedicated reports regarding integration quality, reusability, and the detected similarities.

— We’re increasingly observing that large customers handling greater volumes of data can struggle with the sheer volume of pipelines under management, differences between the environments, and poor data hygiene — says Adam Nash, Channel Sales Northern Europe Director at SnapLogic. — The ORB Integration Insights tool created by Sii solves these issues in an innovative way by systematizing data on multiple levels and, thus, contributing to a reduction in operational costs – he explains.

The cooperation required handling sensitive data, so the client designated a group of IT managers, software architects, and engineers to support the Sii consultants. Additionally, an imperative for this project was to work out a particularly coherent roadmap, as the team was multinational and worked across multiple time zones.

Large-scale integration management made easier with ORB Integration Insights

ORB Integration Insights employs pipeline definitions to create an accessible database for the users. Instead of keeping the pipeline source code, the tool builds its own data model based on selected properties and discovered relations. The users access the relevant data in a convenient and transparent form of a graph via a user-friendly web front-end.

– Partnering with such a major client operating in a highly regulated industry to create data reports on the SnapLogic platform has been a great driver for further development of the tool – says Wojciech Drescher, Head of Healthcare at Sii Poland. – We’re glad to be able to support industry leaders, and to be facilitating digital transformation for the clients – he adds.

As a result of the cooperation with Sii, apart from the solution enabling the presentation of business-crucial data, the client obtained extensive training on the effective use of the software.

Cost optimization, quality improvement, and increased operational efficiency

ORB Integration Insights supports integration teams in:

  • complex integration maintenance,
  • managing the potential impact of changes,
  • identifying differences between environments and deployment details,
  • determining relations between integration components,
  • migration efforts (in terms of scale, data quality measurement, etc.).

The implementation of Sii’s solution translates into strategic benefits for the client. By using a graph-based model, ORB Integration Insights significantly reduces analysis time from several days to just a few minutes. Moreover, thanks to the built-in helicopter view that can be enriched with additional data, the client obtains the bigger picture, which enhances the decision-making process. The tool enables an in-depth analysis of platform infrastructure, which improves quality by introducing configurable validation rules and, as a result, decreases maintenance costs. The implementation of the ORB solution can also serve as a stepping stone towards creating an efficient central knowledge base.

Are you interested in ways to streamline complex integrations and opportunities provided by ORB Integration Insights? Visit a dedicated website to learn more about the solution or schedule a free demo session.

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