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How Sii Poland creates an inclusive and respectful work environment

November 16 is the International Tolerance Day. In Sii Poland, where respect is one of the 14 core values that guide the company, many actions are taken to include minorities and to support openness and tolerance. In order to confirm the commitments described in its Ethical Policy, Gregoire Nitot, Sii’s CEO, signed the Diversity and Inclusion Declaration within the ABSL, to which the company belongs.

For companies, the International Tolerance Day is a great opportunity to talk about how they build an atmosphere of respect and acceptance for the employees’ diversity. At Sii Poland, values, not only written on paper, but implemented in practice, play an important role in this process.

– Our values reflect what kind of company we are and in which direction we want to go. Currently, there are already 14 of them, and respect is one of them. It is the value that determines our approach to equal treatment and diversity in the company –  says Katarzyna Domańska, CSR Manager at Sii Poland.

How we define respect

Respect is one of the values on which Sii’s organizational culture is built and which it follows in interpersonal and business relations. This year, the company updated its definition:

“We are all equal in Sii. Regardless of your position, hierarchy, age, sex, religion or any other factors, we respect each other. We believe that all opinions are equally important and that everyone can contribute to the company’s development. We listen to people who have different views and we look at the world from different perspectives – we consider diversity as our advantage, thanks to which we can develop.”

Actions for diversity and inclusion

In 2019, Sii Poland implemented documents describing the rules of conduct that all employees, regardless of the form of employment, should follow:  Ethical Charter and Code of Conduct. Moreover, in November, Gregoire Nitot, the CEO, has signed the Declaration of Diversity and Inclusion, created by the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), to which the company belongs. The provisions contained therein concern “equal treatment in the workplace on the basis of nationality, disability, sexual orientation, gender, ethnic origin, political beliefs, race, religion, gender identity, age, religion, form of employment“.

Sii Poland makes sure that employees can be themselves at work. In 2020, the company issued a calendar under the title “Power People. Be yourself. Be proud.”. The cards include photos of 12 different Sii employees and their stories, in which they told about the feeling of pride and strength, breaking stereotypes and having courage to live their own lives.

The confirmation of the effectiveness of Sii Poland’s actions and the fulfillment of declarations is the annual Great Place to Work job satisfaction survey, in which the company has been awarded the title of the Best Workplace in Poland for many years. 85% of employees believe that the company is fair to employees in terms of equality, impartiality and fairness (based on age, racial or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation and taking into account complaints handling).

Join us and see how we put our values into practice.

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