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    How to Guide the Career of Graduates in 60 Minutes– Sii Invites You to the Webinar

    If you want to find out how to use the most modern IT tools for the efficient and effective management of the careers of students and graduates, you are the head of a university, a Career Center or you just want to find out how to efficiently manage a career on the modern, demanding and competitive labor market, take part in the free webinar.


    During the talk „5 steps to maximize the effectiveness of the Career Center” Anna Chmielewska, Microsoft Dynamics Business Consultant at Sii, will say how to optimize the everyday work of the Career Center. Tools allowing i.a. an effective management of data shared by candidates on the website or automate and personalize the process of choosing work offers for candidates will be presented.

    The system created by Sii especially for the needs of Career Centers, takes into account their individual requirements. Developing it based on the popular Microsoft Dynamics CRM System, tried by millions of users around the world, guarantees reliability and decreases the time necessary for its implementation to the minimum.

    Sii is known for its mature, effective and fast recruitment process. People are our biggest value and our motto is to identify and support talents. We are fully aware of how hard the first steps on the labor market are nowadays. Taking advantage of our HR knowledge and know-how and many years of experience in creating reliable IT solutions, we have created a system supporting Career Centers. We have adjusted it to the specific needs of universities to help them provide effective aid in managing the careers of students and graduates – says Michał Gruda, CRM Practice Manager w Sii.

    Along with the media partner of the event, Decyzje IT, we would like to invite: directors of educational institutions, heads of Career Centers, Promotion and Marketing Departments and all of those interested, to participate in the webinar.

    The webinar will take place on the 01 of June at 10:00 a.m.

    The agenda and the registration link can be found on the page of the training on the Decyzje IT web portal.

    Attention! The number of places is limited!

    We also invite you to get to know the full offer of Sii in the area of Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.

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