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HR, consulting, marketing… You name it, we’ve got it. Explore the varied projects of Business Advisory & BPO Competency Center, and current growth opportunities at Sii

The business services sector is undergoing a strategic shift with a greater focus on progressive, outcome-centered solutions. According to The Forrester Wave report, the transition towards an insight-driven approach has been reshaping the industry, demanding more strategic engagement and deeper digital know-how from vendors. Sii Poland confirms its position as the market leader with the Competency Center developing faster than ever. 

Sii Poland offers flexible cooperation models that keep up with the latest industry trends, delivering both strategy-focused and operational support to stimulate clients’ business growth. The team of the Business Advisory and Business Process Outsourcing Competency Center continuously strengthens its expertise, offering career opportunities to specialists in different fields, with a primary focus on BPO, data management, and marketing. 

Since entering the market in 2006, Sii Poland has focused on the development of competencies in specialized areas. Thanks to this, the company has a team of subject-matter experts with long-standing experience in building and managing a dynamically growing organization. Moreover, Sii’s top managers are directly involved in leading projects for the clients. 

IT expertise and business-related know-how – A one-stop shop approach in practice 

At Sii Poland, software engineering excellence is coupled with expert knowledge from areas such as data management, marketing, and HR. Therefore, the company created a one-stop shop offer, covering various services from business consulting, through IT systems implementation, to analytics. Experienced in delivering technology solutions, Sii successfully applies modern methodologies used in IT project management such as Agile, Prince2, or Scrum to projects from other fields. 

Since the Business Advisory and BPO Competency Center provides full data quality management support that covers various business areas, ranging from data entry, digitalization, and verification, through database and system maintenance and data cleaning, to ensuring effective electronic document flow within an organization. Well-executed data management based on transparent principles, full business process handling, and ongoing optimization capabilities provide the means of assuring maximum data quality. 

Additionally, the Competency Center provides all-round marketing services. The offer includes not only 360-degree strategy design, promotional content creation, video making, and campaign execution, but also specialist outsourcing, Martech solutions delivery and advanced IT tools implementation. The Sii’s team specializes also in User Experience (including audits, analytics, prototyping, and user testing), cross-platform UI design (for both web and desktop solutions), as well as graphic design and branding. Proper content may prevail over the successful implementation of a new IT solution, whether among an internal team or target users on the market. That’s where our marketing offering comes in handy.

A strong suit in Sii’s offer are customized HR consulting services. Our experts can take care of all administrative processes in complex organizations. Services offered include effective teams development, onboarding and training, career development programs, legalization of residence and employment of foreigners, and advanced HR analytics. What is more, Sii Poland has been holding the Great Place to Work title since 2015, which makes it a leader in Employee Advocacy, Engagement, and Volunteer Programs. 

–  Our competitive advantage lies in the fact that Sii Poland combines many years of extensive IT-related experience with diversified domain knowledge. Our development plans regard further growth of the team – we’d like to welcome 100 more specialists on board in a year, while taking up ambitious projects and empowering our clients’ businesses.  At the moment, our primary focus is data management, UX and UI, marketing and HR – says Natalia Buczel, Business Advisory and BPO Competency Center Director at Sii Poland. 

Advanced tools and expertise applied in challenging projects 

The solutions offered by the Business Advisory and BPO Competency Center combine business know-how and well-suited technological solutions. The team’s diverse experience from different industry sectors – finance, healthcare, retail, public, and production is backed by impressive references from leading international clients. 

Projects implemented by the team include comprehensive support in the data migration process and enabling operations for a freshly opened Polish branch of Allfunds Bank. The Sii team was also engaged in introducing an Effective Collaboration development program at Reckitt, an international company producing and promoting consumer goods. The cooperation focused on facilitating teamwork by means of designing a training program and, as a final product, providing a toolbox for managers that can be used across the organization to influence the overall team efficiency. 

KYC, AML, and CFT – professional support regarding compliance 

Since meeting regulatory requirements is a top priority for institutions within the finance area, the Business Advisory and BPO Competency Center offers the clients professional support in terms of compliance with legal standards via the Know Your Customer process as well as ensuring compliance with Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism regulations. A significant example of a project delivered by the team is the support in KYC processes for a financial institution from the UK operating in the real estate industry. The services performed for this client included creating full KYC profiles, evaluating AML client risk rating, conducting background research, and transaction monitoring. 

– Development opportunities in the business advisory and BPO field are limitless, as our team offers services across multiple areas of expertise. At the moment, Data Management Specialists, KYC Analysts, Business Analysts, and UX/UI Designers are the core profiles in our recruitment efforts – explains Szymon Pawelka, Resource Manager at Sii Poland. 

Find out more about the Business Advisory & BPO Competency Center’s offer or discover career opportunities at Sii.

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