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    Indicators for review

    Sii implements the independently developed Performance Management system. Its main objective is to integrate and present in one place information necessary to prepare employees and managers for annual appraisals.

    At Sii every employee meets annually with their supervisor to evaluate the achievement of the set goals and discuss what needs improvement. The basis for the interview are indicators that in a synthetic way reflect the level of achievement of each goal.

    From the perspective of the company, indicators provide a simple measure for evaluation of the employee against the background of people working with them or in equivalent positions.

    For employees, indicators are a simplified form of feedback from the company that is analysed and set in context during a meeting with the supervisor. And for managers, indicators are the basis for effective management – selecting the best and supporting hard-working employees, and helping those who need assistance in some areas.

    When it comes to KPI`s crucial are Power Users. Those are the people who are specifically assigned to a concrete area in the organization for example such as sales, PSD or administration. They collect many requirements from people who work within the area, propose processes improvement and assure clear communication. What is more Power Users:

    • Provide a wide list of jobs, for which a PowerPoint presentation should be established;
    • Provide a list of indicators for a particular position in the Power User`s department;
    • Accept initial presentations before tests running in a concrete department;
    • Organize tests in their groups;
    • Gather feedback within a specified timeline;
    • Provide Business Project Manager and the IT team with comments;
    • Accept the amendments after the tests;
    • Accept presentations for different positions.

    The assessment process can be compared to the annual inspection of the car. Key performance indicators are verified so that we get a comprehensive assessment of the technical condition of the vehicle. We know what works well, what needs taking a closer look at, and what needs repair as soon as possible. In this way, we obtain a kind of a plan for further action, which, going back to the organisational realities, provides confidence that things are under control and are moving in the right direction. The assessment process requires IT support to ensure that is proceeds smoothly and to provide easy access to the right information to all those who need it” –  explains Jacek Biały, BI Architect at Sii, who designed and develops a tool to measure and control indicators, which is currently being implemented at Sii.

    During the annual interview, employees present their results. For example, in the Sales Department, salespersons present new customers, revenue and potential. Branch Managers present cost structure, the effects of their investments and plans. Since the information sources come from different systems and reports, proper preparation for the annual interview requires considerable effort. The role of the implemented tool is to minimise the time and effort associated with the preparation of the annual interview, which is in the interest of both the company and employees. Moreover, automatic integration of information allows setting realistic goals for the next year. The tool automatically collects the necessary information and presents it in one place in the form of interactive presentations (Annual Review Presentation). Employees and managers can view the indicators in numerical form or as graphs. You can compare your results with the results of other people as well as the average results for a specific type of position in the whole company.

    You can easily switch from synthetic data and indicators to more detailed data. “The tool supporting the preparation for annual interviews is fed with data from our internal systems, including Dynamics AX, SiiRM and Human Resources and Payroll Symphony, which is why the quality of data entered on a daily basis is so important” – notes Jacek Biały.

    The main challenge in this project is to identify reliable indicators for the goals assigned to each category of posts. Synthetic appraisal is a very difficult issue, and hence a number of different professionals, managers, board members and even our CEO are involved in the project. To grasp the specific nature of work in individual practices and make sure that we measure what we need and how we need, the implementation has been divided into stages. Each stage covers a different department. Currently, work on presentations for PSD, Team Leaders and Service Delivery Managers is underway. What is more with the beginning of January 2017 we will implement brand new tool and our Business Controller Sylwia Siódmiak will be the person responsible for the project. More information coming soon! For the time being – keep your fingers crossed!” – says Aleksandra Ilczuk, Business Project Manager for this project.



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