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ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition – a training designed for professional IT managers

Last year, Sii’s offer was expanded to include the ITIL®4 Foundation training, presenting the basics of modern IT management in the service model. Another training in the company’s offer is ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition, which is focused on practical and technical knowledge that allows participants to effectively manage IT in the context of services and teams as well as mutual relations between them.

In the article IT service management in the era of digital transformation. The latest ITIL®4 training is now realized in the Sii Training Practice offer, we have already explained why a new version of ITIL® was created and on what the modern approach to IT, discussed during the ITIL® Foundation training, is based. This time we present more information about the next ITIL®4 training level.

A professional IT manager operating in a modern and dynamically changing digital environment is a person with a broad knowledge of different areas. The knowledge necessary to perform this role includes:

  1. Basics of the IT service management model described in ITIL®4,
  2. Integration of activities, value chains and processes as well as tools to be able to create, deliver and support the delivery of IT services and products,
  3. Managing various IT stakeholders and tailoring solutions to their needs,
  4. Operation of digital organizations in dynamic environments,
  5. Creating self-learning and self-improving organizations.

The ITIL®4 Managing Professional Transition training lasts 5 days and covers all the above skills. The course is intended for IT experts and managers who already have an extensive knowledge of IT service management. Therefore, to take part in this training, participants should hold an ITIL® Expert certificate or achieve a minimum of 17 credits from ITIL® version 3 exams.

The training ends with an exam – people with a positive result receive the ITIL®4 Managing Professional certification. This certificate confirms that its holder is a person with the knowledge, competences and skills demanded of a professional IT manager.

For people who do not have knowledge or certificates in the field of ITIL® version 3, obtaining ITIL®4 Managing Professional certification requires taking part in a number of courses and passing examinations at the basic level (ITIL® Foundation) and specialist level (4 trainings and exams):

  1. ITIL® Create, Deliver & Support,
  2. Drive Stakeholder Value,
  3. High Velocity IT,
  4. Direct Plan & Improve.

The latest ITIL®4 certification scheme:

– In the near future, we plan to further extend Sii Poland’s offer to include more ITIL®4 courses to be able to provide our trainees with the latest knowledge in this area, as well as give them the opportunity to obtain most recent certificates – says Rafał Kwatek, Offering Lead & ITIL® Approved Trainer in Sii Training Practice. – ITIL® trainings, just like other courses we offer, are also carried out online. The quality of the didactic program implemented during our remote trainings remains very high, as evidenced by a positive assessment and opinions of the participants. Online trainings are an example of how Sii managed to perform a successful digital transformation. They prove that we have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of ITIL®4, which we can share with our trainees – adds Rafał Kwatek.

If you want to learn more about ITIL®4 and other trainings that can improve your work experience as well as help develop your IT career and become a professional IT manager, visit the Sii Training Practice website.

ITIL trademark

ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. The Swirl logo ™ is a trademark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved. In the area of ITIL® accredited trainings and exams, Sii Training Practice operates as an Affiliate in cooperation with Quint Wellington Redwood, which has the status of Accredited Training Organization (ATO).

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