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    Let`s help together – we have got a volunteer incubator!

    For years Sii has supported the passions and interests of its employees. To use at least some of that positive energy to help others, together we decided to create the Sii Power Volunteers program. 

    A positive attitude towards the world, commitment, engagement, teamwork – all these values are deeply rooted in the culture of Sii. We came to the conclusion that at least part of that positive spirit could be used for joint pro bono actions.

    Volunteering in Sii is constantly evolving, but we would like to systematise it, and at the same time make sure that the undertakings we are involved in as an organisation actually change the world.

    In short, we need your ideas and willingness to engage in order to create a lasting and effective incubator of our corporate CSR projects. Together we can do more – the potential of Sii is more than 2500 Power People! We are proud of the commitment of our employees to the current initiatives related to the environment and society. The description of our initiatives in the area of CSR can be found in the CSR Report 2015.



    We believe that by setting a good example and showing the effectiveness of our actions, we will increase the involvement of all Sii employees in CSR projects. While fixing the world we would like to build new relationships among employees – not only within teams, but in the whole company. We also hope that participation in CSR projects will allow many people to discover or develop their interpersonal and organisational skills.

    We look forward to your own projects aimed at resolving or reducing social problems, or building or developing the common good. We assume that the project will turn out as a success and at least two people from Sii will get engaged. We are particularly interested in projects thematically related to our business, but it is not a necessary condition for providing support for the project – we primarily count on your initiative and creativity. We would like to emphasise that, in contrast to many similar corporate projects, Sii offers not only financing – we can and we want to help in the sphere of organisation, promotion, and implementation of the project.

    In the beginning proposed projects will be analysed on a quarterly basis, but we encourage you to submit your proposals on a regular basis. The assumptions are simple and transparent. Employees present their own projects stating:

    * the recipients of aid and an analysis of their needs,
    * the goal of the project,
    * the method of its implementation,
    * the duration of the project,
    * the estimated budget needed for the implementation,
    * the type of support from Sii.

    The first call for projects is already behind us. During a period of five weeks employees submitted their projects, and their substantive assumptions will now be evaluated by a dedicated committee. In the near future we will choose the winning projects and start with their implementation. The progress of works will be reported on an ongoing basis in our social channels. In the longer term we would like to expand the scope of voluntary activities, also in cooperation with non-profit organisations.

    Meanwhile, think and act. We look forward to your ideas and specific proposals. Please submit them to: [email protected]  You can also fill out an application on the SiiPortal.

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