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New Sii Wroclaw office in August – over 3 500 m² at our workers’ disposal

In August this year, the Sii Wroclaw team will move to West 4 Business Hub – a modern office building. Present on the Lower Silesian market for more than 10 years, the top IT, engineering and BPO services provider will increase its office space by more than 1 000 sqm. Currently, workers are jointly choosing the interior design theme. There are many ideas – from a hundred bridges of Wroclaw through dwarves to natural wonders or fictional places from books and films.

The new, larger office space is an incentive for further development. After 7 years spent in the Sky Tower, the Sii Wroclaw team moves to a new location – West 4 Business Hub.

– There are already 500 specialists in the Sii Wroclaw team. We are employing more and more people and the number of our projects is constantly growing. As a consequence of the dynamic development of our branch, there has been a need for a new office. In total, we will now have 3 500 sqm of office space on one floor at our disposal – says Tomasz Omieciński, Regional Director at Sii Poland.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, recruitment needs are high. Sii Wroclaw specialists carry out projects of clients from many sectors, including those that are largely unaffected by the epidemiological situation. For example, experts from the Wroclaw branch together with QIAGEN are working on real-time DNA image analysis software. The partnership between the two companies will result in the implementation of a pioneering solution for fighting cancer as well as very quick testing for coronavirus.

At the moment, we are mainly looking for Python, C++ and Embedded developers as well as automation testers. However, the spectrum of technologies used in our projects is much wider – all current job offers can be found in the career section on the Sii website.

– The recruitment process is fully remote – conducted by phone or using the Microsoft Teams app. Of course, a candidate can meet with us in person, in the office. We also organize numerous webinars, during which our employees share their knowledge and experience. The first one I would like to invite testers to will take place on the 18th of June. Registration has already opened – says Paulina Lichocka, Recruitment Department Manager at Sii Poland.

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