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    Passion Drives Power People – close to 60 applications in the first edition!

    In September we recruited Sii Power People to the first edition of the Passions Sponsorship Program. The Passion Drives Power People campaign moved the hearts and livened the imagination of many. In the first edition close to 60 Power People sent their applications. Now these applications are being verified – we plan to announce those qualified for the program at the beginning of November.

    One of Sii’s values is Passion – Passion for Technology, but also the passion of life. Therefore we value people who fulfill themselves through the persistent development of their hobbies, we attract them as an employer and we want to support them. The private passions of employees have been supported for quite a long time now – you can meet our sponsored ones here: Many of our engineers have already returned from their expeditions and they are planning more. It’s time to support new challenges of new Power People!

    Just as engineers work in a wide range of technologies at Sii, they have very diverse passions. Sii Power People have applied and written about their achievements in many sports, especially in extreme sports: extreme and long distance races, car and motorcycle races, horse riding, shooting, martial arts…There are also many applications concerning passions such as: programming, robotics and constructing.

    The largest number of applications – 17 – came from Warsaw. But other branches also have many passions: from the youngest and the smallest one (145 people) – in Katowice, we have received 3 applications. In the first edition we have also received close to 15 team applications. Just like the individual ones, they are also very diverse and include: music bands, computer games and team sports.

    We would like to thank Sii Power People for all their applications. We are glad that you follow your passions and want to continue developing them – for Sii it is a reason to be proud! Meanwhile, we are moving on to the stage of selecting the projects to be sponsored – the verification process is going to be a very interesting and inspiring one. The announcement of those qualified for  the second edition of the program is planned for early November. Stay tuned!

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