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Press Room – a new subpage of

There is plenty of opportunities when willing to keep abreast of latest news on the company. One of the possibilities is visiting a corporate news webpage, presenting the most recent updates on the corporate life.

We are pleased to announce that we keep on developing our website. The continued popularity of Sii Poland’s official Facebook profile ( and the posts published there, encouraged us to create a dedicated subpage for presenting more extensive updates on the corporate life, information about the upcoming and past events, won prizes as well as interviews with our employees – all to satisfy the need of our viewers to learn more about Sii. The clear advantage of having the new subpage – Press Room – is not only the possibility to quickly inform the viewers about the news concerning Sii, but also providing an easily accessible knowledge base about Sii. Ultimately, the “Press Room” is meant to be a place of publication for our quarterly newsletter.

The very fact that Press Room was created by Sii’s department of Marketing & Sales Support, in cooperation with our Digital Practice, makes us even more pleased to introduce to you the new subpage. The Practice gathers together web designers, web developers, graphic designers with the experience in web and mobile, specialists in UX/UI.

If you want to be always up to date with news from the world of Power People – please visit “Press Room”. 🙂

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