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Salesforce is a flexible solution that allows you to optimize your work regardless of the size of your organization

Thanks to the versatility of Salesforce, it is possible to create custom, flexible solutions that perfectly match the needs of an organization. As a result, the system ideally suits both a global corporation and a small local company. This is proven by Sii experts, successfully implementing projects that often differ in scale and objectives.

A revolution supported by artificial intelligence

Tools provided by Salesforce allow you to completely revolutionize customer service, marketing, community building, data analysis and e-commerce, enabling you to collect all information within one, widely available and intuitive platform. Salesforce users have access to key data regardless of where they are located and the device they use.

The artificial intelligence plays an increasingly important role in the development of Salesforce products, which is often responsible for managing repetitive tasks in the organization, facilitating users’ daily duties, and even can take over part of communication with the client.

– Salesforce can completely change the way the organization operates – says Anna Rębelska, Business Development Manager at Sii Poland. – Research shows that in companies using this platform, the automation of administrative and repetitive tasks resulted in savings of 11 hours per month for each employee of operations, IT and sales departments. This is the best proof that the implementation of this type of solutions is not only improving the quality of work and the comfort of users but also has a noticeable and measurable impact on efficiency – adds the expert.

Salesforce on a macro scale – a solution for patients

For several years, as part of cooperation with an international leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Sii has been implementing projects using the Salesforce cloud. One of them is a Community Cloud-based solution for medical centres that provide treatment for patients in the United States. Every day it is used by more than 26,000 users.

The solution implemented by Sii engineers allowed for convenient management of the costs of treatment and significantly improved the effectiveness of communication between the parties involved in the reimbursement process – patients and medical centres. If the patient’s insurance does not cover all or part of the costs of the therapy, the system allows them to send applications for reimbursement of treatment costs to the foundation, which grants co-financing.

– Salesforce significantly improved the process of patient service, noticeably shortened the time of application thanks to omnichannel communication, queuing requests, assigning tasks based on the competences of individual consultants and using LiveChat tools – explains Anna Rębelska.

Salesforce on a micro scale – a solution for foundations

Salesforce supports not only companies operating on a large scale. It also allows to streamline the activities of smaller organizations operating in niche sectors. This is possible thanks to the Nonprofit Success Pack – the Salesforce application created for public benefit organizations. At the beginning of this year, Sii developers completed a pro bono project – they implemented this system and adapted it to the needs of the “Dom w Łodzi” foundation.

Thanks to Salesforce, the foundation has gained the opportunity to integrate and unify existing data, including information on donors, payments made to the orphanage or volunteers operating within the organization. Specialists from Sii carried out the migration of data previously stored in various, independent systems – the new CRM that gathers them, allows for the generation of transparent, intuitive and comprehensive reports, which facilitates the analysis and creation of new fundraising strategies.

The implemented system has been fully adapted to the user expectations. In accordance with the requirements of the foundation, Sii team has created non-standard categories that allow the classification of donors, linking them and analysing information based on geographic data such as place of residence. The Sii team also integrated the payment system used on the organization’s website – it has been synchronized with Salesforce, so that information on received subsidies is updated on a regular basis.

Solution regardless of scale

Salesforce solutions are currently used by over 150,000 companies of varying size, scale of operation and industry. The platform not only adapts perfectly to the current business requirements, but also easily changes with its development.

– Salesforce is a scalable and stable solution that works well at every stage of the organization’s life cycle – says Anna Rębelska. – Salesforce applications adapt to the company, not the other way around. In Sii, thanks to the experience and competence of our engineers, we are able to make good use of this flexibility, so we are sure that the solutions we provide perfectly match the business needs of our clients – adds Anna Rębelska.

How Salesforce can improve your business? Ask Sii experts from the Salesforce Competence Center.

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