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A new dimension of communication and teamwork at Sii Poland – see why Microsoft 365 is a digital workplace game changer

Since 2006, Sii Poland has grown from a one-person startup to a company that employs over 4 700 professionals. To increase its operational agility and serve its customers faster, new collaborative tools were needed. The company used a unique role-model change management framework to implement the latest Microsoft Office 365 solutions and onboard all company levels, witnessing an unprecedented rate of adoption in less than six months. Top to bottom, the organization enhanced internal and external communication through Microsoft Teams, building a digital culture and sense of community for its employees and clients.

Such rapid growth has made different communication tools unsustainable. –  Having several parallel email systems meant significant admin efforts. Real-time collaboration and establishing high-quality audio and video conferencing were also a challenge – explains Piotr Wieczorek, IT Infrastructure Department Manager at Sii Poland.

To enhance internal communication and create a new work culture at scale, Sii implemented Microsoft Teams. Sii adopted Microsoft’s curated change management approach, engaging all company levels through workshops, an internal ambassador program, and executive sponsorship. Although the implementation was the largest in Poland, the project took just a few months to pull off. – We built our Office 365 Ambassadors’ Community with about 200 participants, including directors, managers, product owners, but also volunteer technology enthusiasts – says Ewa Jabłońska, Corporate Project Manager at Sii Poland.

Learn more about the project from a case study on the Microsoft website and a movie in which Sii Poland employees talk about its details.

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