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Sii a double awardee of the Rzeczpospolita 500 List – a ranking of the biggest and best Polish companies

The Sii company, the biggest provider of IT and engineering services in Poland, was awarded the „Orły Rzeczpospolitej” (Rzeczpospolita Eagles) award. The company was also distinguished in the category of Debut on the 500 list of the biggest and best enterprises on the Polish market. Krzysztof Krężel, COO at Sii claimed the award on behalf of the company, during the awards gala, which took place on June 18 in Warsaw, Poland.

Orły Rzecpospolitej were awarded in 4 categories: Trade and Non-financial Services, New Technologies, Financial Services and Industry. Sii was titled the best company in the New Technologies category. Sii was also distinguished in the category of “debut” on the 500 list of the Rzeczpospolita journal.

We are honored with this prestigious award. It proves that our actions as a provider of IT and engineering solutions and services in Poland are effective. Our results in previous years have shown that a strategy focusing on reinvesting profits and a constant growth of people brings positive results. With an income increase of 62million pln gross, we are the leader among companies of the IT sector in Poland, if we consider the speed in which we are growing. This success was possible thanks to the engagement and hard work of our entire company – said Krzysztof Krężel, COO at Sii, who claimed the award on behalf of Sii.

Orły Rzeczpospolitej  have been awarded since 2003, along with the announcement of the list of 500 biggest and best companies operating in Poland – a ranking prepared by the Rzeczpospolita journal.  It is modeled on the American Fortune Top 500 list and in the process of its preparation such factors as growth and development dynamics are taken into account. A competition jury decides who will receive the “Orły” award, based on a series of indicators which, define the effectivity and stability of a company and its ability to develop. Among the winners  you will find companies which in the previous year have marked outstanding results in these areas and grew faster than the entire economy.


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