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    Sii and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science invite to a series of lectures at the Lublin University of Technology

    Sii, Polish leader in IT and engineering services, is planning to conduct a series of subject-oriented lectures at the Lublin University of Technology. The lectures will be run by practitioners who will present the newest technological trends in the IT industry. Thus, the students will have a chance to learn about the current challenges posed by the job market. 

    Classes will be held in winter semester of 2015/2016 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in Lublin University of Technology. Information Technology students of different years will meet engineers working for Sii during classes provided by their curriculum. The company scheduled a cycle of seven 1,5-hour meetings during which topics, such as: web application development with the use of ASP.NET MVC or Scrum in practice, will be discussed. The participants will also learn about the new technologies, such as: Adobe Experience Manager.

    ‘Classes will be held by practitioners who have been realising commercial projects for years. During a series of planned lectures, we will underline the importance of practical knowledge, together with current job market trends. Also, it will be an excellent opportunity to suggest possible interests for students, what is now trendy and which areas need qualified workers.’, says Artur Palac, Director Resource Center in Lublin.

    First meetings will take place in November. All interested in a detailed information about them may contact the company at:


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