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    Sii as expert of 600Minutes Executive IT – find out more about our Hosted Roundtable in Copenhagen

    The Danish 600Minutes Executive IT conference is just around the corner. We are an official sponsor of this prestigious event dedicated to the top management of the biggest Scandinavian companies – responsible for deciding about IT solutions and systems used in their organizations. On September 21st, the participants of 600Minutes Executive IT will take part in a discussion panel moderated by Sii – the Hosted Roundtable. The representatives of the company will discuss ,,How to develop digital products with a nearshored vendor.”

     Sii – an IT nearshoring leader

    The program of the event focuses on a widely understood digitization and the management of IT processes in organizations. The main theme of our panel is ,,How to develop digital products with a nearshored vendor”. With our speakers we will discuss what challenges influence the decision about choosing nearshoring as a way of developing digital products. We will analyze risks and success factors characteristic for this model of service delivery. We will also discuss the most important aspects of effective cooperation. IT directors of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and renown companies of the media, transport and insurance industry have already confirmed their participation in the panel – says Bartosz Borowy, Business Manager at Sii. He will be present at the 600Minutes Executive IT as an expert and moderator of the discussion.

    What is a Hosted Roundtable?

    A Hosted Roundtable is a type of a moderated discussion panel, during which the invited persons can exchange observations, experiences and doubts related to its main topic. The moderator-expert watches over the course of the debate and directs it, highlighting the most important aspects of the topic discussed, suggesting important issues and stimulating the active participation of all the persons involved. It is a democratic form of discussion, a kind of moderated brain storm, in which everyone has equal rights of expressing their opinion.

    Sii is actively engaged in events organized in Denmark, addressed to entrepreneurs. Such actions aim at strengthening Sii’s position on the Scandinavian market. For several years now the Nordic countries have been a strategic market for Sii in the area of IT nearshoring service development.

    Soon you will find out more about other events in which we participate.


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