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    Sii at the conference focused on BPM systems – invitation to an event!

    This Thursday, 5 November, 2015, Sii is participating in “Optimization of processes with the use of BPM systems” conference, which is organized by Polish Institute of Business Development. The event is devoted to managing business processes.

    The conference wouldn’t be complete without the presence of Sii, which has immense specialist knowledge and experience in creating and deploying BPMS solutions and integration platforms in large institutions.

    Among the speakers, there will be our expert, Maciej Janiszewski, Solutions Architect working for Sii BPM/EAI Competence Center. Maciej will conduct a presentation, called “Camunda – a step closer than BPMN” and share Sii’s experiences with the analysis and digitalization of Business Processes.

    The details about the presentation, one can find on the website of the event.

    Basic Information:

    Host: Polski Instytut Rozwoju Biznesu
    Conference: Optimization of processes with the use of BPM systems (www)
    Date and Time: 5.11.2015r., Golden Floor, ul. Chmielna 132/134, Warsaw
    Registration: registration form.

    We kindly invite you to the conference!

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