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    Sii for the third time in a row was chosen as the Best Place to Work in IT

    The award is granted on the basis of an anonymous questionnaire which examines the IT employee satisfaction, their level of commitment and motivators. Sii studies show that half of our employees are enthusiasts, they are strongly identified with the company, believe in its future and they are ready to motivate to work their colleagues from the team. TRI*M index, showing satisfaction with the workplace, in Sii is 87 and is among the leaders of all surveyed IT workers in Poland. This means that Sii Employees are generally very satisfied with the work. Among the aspects well evaluated are: well job security, the effectiveness of teamwork and honesty in dealing with conflict situations.

    This is the third title of Sii – says Joanna Kucharska, Director of HR and Communications in SiiIt gives us great satisfaction to receive this award every year. This shows that the consistent actions can bring long-term results. We are constantly working on this success. We didn’t rest on our laurels, even more, the first award motivated us to work even harder, which resulted in awarding us third time in a row for being the best place to work in IT. For my part, I can assure you that critical feedback which is sent to us with the results of the AudIT study, is analyzed and implemented, so that we become even better place to work.

    Sii has 8 branches in Poland. It employs over 2000 people and want this year to increase employment for 2400. In a market which is still a lack of IT engineers, Sii is the fastest growing IT employer in Poland. Recruitment is one of our main challenges – adds Joanna Kucharska. – I think that with this award, which confirms the status of Sii as a Best Workplace IT in Poland, Sii will be even more visible among the candidates for the job. Currently in Poland we have more than 160 open recruitment process, so many people can check, what kind of employer is Sii – I strongly encourage.

    In the group of the winners of this year’s awards were: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and DNV GL.

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