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Sii in the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment

Sii, the TOP IT and Engineering services provider, joined the Coalition for Friendly Recruitment. Becoming the member of the Coalition confirms the professionalism and the highest business standards being carried out in the recruitment process.

The Coalition for Friendly Recruiting is an initiative that has been operating in Poland for over two years. Currently, it gathers 180 employers who see the need to care for the candidate at every stage of contact with the company. The aim of the initiative is to create and promote highest standards in recruitment. Companies that have joined the Coalition agreed, among others, to comply with the established Code of Practices. Sii hires over 2,000 employees in 8 branches in Poland. The company is evolving rapidly – currently recruitment processes are carried out for several hundred positions. There were two main reasons behind the decision to join the Coalition by Sii: first of all, the desire to show to the candidates that we are a company that consequently improves the recruitment process by putting the candidate in the center. Secondly, by becoming a member of the Coalition, we have the possibility to learn from other companies. We are convinced that the friendly recruitment is one of the key factors essential to run successful business – explains Joanna Kucharska, Director of HR and Recruitment.


 To find more details on careers and the recruitment process at Sii under following link: Sii Career Portal.

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