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Sii introduces new means of measuring candidates’ satisfaction from the recruitment process

From the beginning of September, each candidate taking part in recruitment to Sii receives an invitation to participate in a survey examining satisfaction of the process. The aim of the study is an audit and work on the highest possible quality of the Candidate Unique Experience.

Quality is one of the values ​​that Sii, leader in the IT and engineering industry, has been following since its inception. The company is constantly expanding the scope of tools aimed at verifying and improving quality in all areas of its activity. At the end of the third quarter, Sii introduced another satisfaction survey tool, this time in the area of ​​recruitment.

Through the Candidate Experience Survey, each candidate will be asked about the atmosphere during the interview, preparation of specialists involved in the process and the promptness of giving the feedback and the final result of the recruitment. The candidate can evaluate all stages and indicate his or her suggestions for improvements of course, all anonymously.

– Despite the large number of people who apply to us, we approach each of them individually – says Wojciech Dreja, Recruitment Director at Sii Poland. – We attach great importance to the preparation of the recruiters to the interviews, but also to the atmosphere in which we run the meetings. Thanks to the constant analysis of the candidates’ opinions, we will be able to evaluate which elements of our process function well, and on which ones we should still work. We are open to the opinions of people from outside the company, we will be happy to look at the whole process through their eyes and introduce the necessary changes. The voice of the candidates has always been important to us, and now we additionally have a tool that will enable people applying to Sii to give us their opinion – adds Wojciech Dreja.

First-hand information

The survey will allow to obtain relevant information about the candidates’ preferences regarding to the place of the meeting, form of communication or tools used in the recruitment process. As a result, the company will be able to adapt to the needs and expectations of the candidates.

The permanently conducted quality surveys are more and more often used in trade, but still few companies monitor in that way the quality of the recruitment process. According to the Candidate Experience survey conducted by eRecruiter in 2017, only 19% of enterprises use this tool.

Sii is the leading provider of IT services and industrial engineering in Poland. The company has offices in 12 cities throughout Poland and employs over 3700 engineers. Sii can boast high employment rates and dynamic development. Due to its expansion and growth, the company employs 140 engineers on average every month and more than 1,600 people a year.

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