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    Sii keeps climbing up!

    The last semester is our joint success. From April to September 2016 we generated a revenue of 180 million PLN, which is 28% more, compared to the parallel half year in 2015. EBIT, or Earnings Before Income Tax, is approx. 12%.

    IT tools play a major role in the company’s performance, this is why in the past months we delivered many new applications. One example is an application supporting the preparation for annual appraisals, which saves time of all our workers and their managers. The Carpooling system developed internally for our company, helps to coordinate travels and is also a good opportunity for the travellers not only to save time and money, but also to socialise and get to know each other better.

    Automated monitoring of key performance indicators (KPI) on our SiiPortal (Sharepoint platform). thanks to new BI systems, certainly provides support to managers. (We measure 500 different KPIs at Sii, each job position having different KPIs).


    We also delivered an application which both automated our process of organizing business trips and helped to improve our SiiPortal. Soon we will launch a special CRM marketing module integrated with our SiiRM system and web page.

    In the area of HR, during the past 6 months we have undertaken many actions, in which our employees participated with great motivation and engagement. Starting with conferences such as Get.Net, through contests like Let`s Code, ending with our new voluntary program “Sii Power Volunteers” – a  variety of opportunities  awaits our Power People every day.

    Although our company achieves more with each new month, unfortunately it is still facing many challenges. Among our biggest problems we can count:

    1. Recruitment needs. We have hundreds of open positions, but nowadays it is more and more difficult to recruit good engineers in Poland;
    2. An elevated, attrition rate. In the last six months the staff turnover rate was 27.7%, with a rise of 2.7 percentage points compared to the previous period. In absolute numbers, this means that 330 people have resigned from work at Sii or we had to part with them :(. This rate is too high. We should reduce it to under 25% (25% is actually a normal attrition rate in similar consulting, professional services & outsourcing companies worldwide). We are working on it i.a. by introducing a new position of Retention Manager, facilitating the change of a project, job position or department / business unit when somebody is bored with his/her tasks and duties, and seeks new challenges. We are aware that there is some homework to be done in the field of: the resource management process, and the Top Guns program.


    Currently, concerning for example our IT Operations and ADAM practice – a few SDM positions are open. It is a great career opportunity for further development when it comes to our best engineers. That is why I encourage ambitious people to apply to the positions!

    Summing up, I am pleased to say that we continue investing in new areas. Therefore we are looking for candidates for several management positions (Service Delivery Managers, Team leaders, Delivery Managers).

    In particular we are looking for a HR Offering Leader – in this case the challenge is to use our HR IT applications, transform them in order to address the market needs (lots of our own different systems and applications are integrated: AX, CRM Dynamics, IBM Process server, Sharepoint, BI, and more) and sell in Poland and worldwide to HR departments of our customers and prospects (HR tools for example such as recruitment, 360 survey, KPI automation, annual interviews automation or communication tools).

    Are you interested?

    I hope, and highly believe that in the upcoming six months our joint results will get even better. Everything is possible with the power of people who are passionate about their work. Each challenge which we will come across will be a perfect lesson for of all of us and great impulse for constant improvement.

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