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Sii Poland as a sponsor of PWR Racing and LIDAR equipment in the New Racing Vehicle. Find out how the company supports students on their way to innovative solutions

PWR Racing Team, an acclaimed team of students from the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, has unveiled their latest racing car that will compete in the international Formula Student competitions. The team boasts an impressive record of 39 victories in this prestigious contest! The whole project is due, among others, to Sii Poland, which is the sponsor and partner of the team

Sii Poland – sponsor of PWR Racing Team and the future of the automotive industry

Sii Poland, as a sponsor and partner of the PWR Racing Team, provided financial support to the team. It also contributed to the purchase of the LIDAR system for the RT13e vehicle. LIDAR technology, commonly used in driver assistance and autonomous driving systems, utilizes laser radiation to precisely measure distances and create accurate maps of the vehicle’s surroundings.

— In vehicles, the LIDAR system is used for precise detection of objects around the vehicle, such as other cars, pedestrians, bicycles, and obstacles on the road. This enables real-time information on distance, shape, and movement of objects. The data is then utilized by the vehicle’s safety systems, including emergency braking, lane assistance, and collision avoidance systems — adds Szymon Karaś, Head of Automotive at Sii Poland.

PWR Racing Team on the international stage

This is the fourteenth racing vehicle created by the students of PWR Racing Team, a student organization operating at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. The team’s cars not only participate but also claim top prizes in international Formula Student competitions, where they compete against academic teams from around the world.

In the recent event held on May 22nd in Michigan, the team secured first place in the Business Presentation category (project management knowledge), second place in Design Engineering (assessment of team engineering skills), and second place in Acceleration (vehicle acceleration test). They showcased the RT11B, their latest combustion-powered vehicle, among 121 participating teams.

The team’s newest project, the RT13e, is the second electric and autonomous vehicle in the history of PWR Racing Team. This season, it will compete in races in Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and the first Polish Formula Student competition, scheduled for the end of August in Slomczyn, near Warsaw.

The new vehicle features an innovative aerodynamic package with a front wing of variable geometry and modified side sections, enhancing the car’s balance and improving control of airflow. Additionally, it incorporates proper battery and engine cooling systems. Their proprietary steering system design increased the vehicle’s steering range and its ability to navigate tight turns. Furthermore, they managed to reduce the weight of the steering column and package, making the car 15kg lighter than its predecessor. The vehicle is equipped with proprietary electric motors mounted directly on the wheels. The autonomous systems of the car rely on readings from two stereoscopic cameras and a LIDAR sensor.

The Best Place to Work with real support for students on their way to innovation

Sii Poland provides support in the development of innovative solutions in the field of automotive technology, which is an important step into the future of that industry. However, that’s not all – the company also actively cooperates with a number of highly ranked universities in Poland. Among them we can distinguish the following:

  • Warsaw University of Technology,
  • Cracow University of Technology,
  • University of Gdansk,
  • Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin,
  • University of Szczecin,
  • WSB Merito University in Wroclaw,
  • Bialystok University of Technology.

Through investments in technology and education, Sii Poland is at the forefront of promoting innovation and supporting the creativity of young people, giving them a chance to realize their own initiatives and dreams.

Are you a student with a head full of ideas and would like to enter the industry of the future by developing in the best workplace in Poland? Do not wait any longer and find your dream internship or job now!

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