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Sii Poland engineer nominated for the Tester of the Year title in the Testing Heroes competition

Zbigniew Dorcz, Senior Performance Test Engineer at Sii, won the nomination in the Testing Heroes Competition, organized every year by Tricentis – a leading provider of solutions supporting software testing during Agile and DevOps development. Zbyszek is competing for the Performer Tester of the Year title – you can vote for him on the Testing Heroes Awards 2019 website.

Testing Heroes Awards are given to individuals and teams who have distinguished themselves through their achievements throughout the year and have served the testing community.

What should the Performer Tester of the Year be like? According to Tricentis, he or she has uses modern approaches to performance testing, so applications run reliably before, during and after each release. This individual also understands the need for continuous testing in order to capture potential issues as early as possible.

What is Zbyszek like?

Zbigniew Dorcz, Senior Performance Test Engineer: I like new challenges. I am constantly expanding my knowledge and developing competences. I specialize in performance tests and security tests (pentests) – this is definitely my favorite type of test and I am glad that this is what I do at Sii.

Why are you interested in this area?

Z.D.: Because I can break things as often as I want to and I don’t have to explain why I killed the whole environment. And the most beautiful thing is that I don’t have to fix this and correct errors afterwards. This is simply the best job under the sun!

Joking aside, this is a job that makes great demands on the tester – you need solid knowledge and skills. Creating a script that disrupts the operation of 8 servers simultaneously is not that difficult, the challenge is to correctly interpret the results of such a test and find bottlenecks that were the reason for the environment malfunction. Of course, after identifying the problems, it is my responsibility to suggest effective solutions that will help prevent such situations in the future and improve the client’s systems.

In what projects are you involved at Sii Poland?

Z.D.: During my 3 years at Sii, I have been involved in a huge number of projects in the field of performance tests and security tests.

For LPP, which is a Polish clothing distributor, we’ve built the entire infrastructure used for testing. Among others, I had to write the whole environment, allowing the simulation of several thousand cash registers. Another interesting project was carried out for an American company performing a technical inspection of new cars. The task was to prepare scripts verifying the car sensors responsible for monitoring and analyzing other vehicles. My job was also to disrupt the servers of one of the largest Polish TV stations.

Each new project and client is an opportunity to expand knowledge. The companies we work with use various technologies. Sometimes I have to undergo additional training in a given technology in order to understand it better and learn how it functions in detail. Thanks to this, I am able to plan and carry out tests more effectively, which allows me to perform a solid final analysis of their results.

Why is it worth being a tester?

Z.D.: This job gives a lot of satisfaction. It doesn’t let you get bored and always brings new challenges. But the most important thing is that we have a real impact on improving the daily lives of people using the solutions we are testing. We take care to make their work more efficient, more comfortable, and safer. Thanks to us, you can eliminate some problems before they even appear.

In the Testing Heroes 2019 Competition, you can vote for Zbyszek until October 4.

If you want to learn more about testing at Sii Poland, please visit the Test Services Competence Center page.

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