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Sii shares best QA practices during the 2017 Agile & Automation Days

On October 9-10 in Cracow the Agile & Automation Days will take place. One of the speakers will be Anastasiia Naboikina Senior Test Development Engineer at Sii. She will explain how to effectively manage QA tasks in cross-functional teams.

We would like to present Anastasiia Naboikina, who is offering us a sneak peek of her presentation prepared for the Agile & Automation Days 2017:

“Nowadays more and more companies switch to the agile approach. Business does not wait – it sets tight deadlines and a rapid pace. It leaves us no choice but to evolve and invent new approaches to the development process.

How to deal with change? Which direction to take? How to resist the pressure? I will try to answer these questions. I am not a scrum master nor an agile trainer. I am a QA engineer. I am a perfectionist and I won’t stop until my work is properly organized. That’s why process improvements have become my hobby. I have worked in different environments from waterfall to big bang and tried myself in different roles as QA, developer or a team leader. This experience gave me a vision on how to deal with various challenges one may face. Now I would like to share this knowledge.

Imagine a team that lacks QA resources. There is no possibility to extend the team with more engineers and the release date cannot be postponed. A sensitive system, delayed task delivery, unexpected business changes, long regression before release, bad visibility of the QA status – these are a couple of the “symptoms” that the team may experience.

Yet there is a “cure” for these problems – the cross-functional approach. My mission will be to prove it is worth implementing. Of course there is no one remedy for every problem, so some issues can occur – like resistance from the part of the management or technical issues. From my experience, colleagues do not believe that changing the approach to a cross-functional one makes any difference. In their opinion transition takes too much time, affects teamwork and efficiency in a negative way. But be brave! We have found a solution – using accurate planning and simple reporting techniques. We will discuss this strategy in details.

Maybe you are experiencing a similar situation and hopefully you are convinced with my solution, but you doubt it works? Don’t worry! We will definitely look at the prognosis and contraindications. Our finish line will consist of having a brief results overview and making a summary of the relevance of the cross-functional team approach”.

We would like to invite you to Anastasia Naboikina’s lecture. It will take place on 9.10.2017, on the first day of the Agile & Automation Days 2017 in Cracow.

Find more information about Anastasiia, the event and the program on the site of Agile & Automation Days.

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