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Sii sponsors Agile & Automation Days 2017

This year’s “Agile & Automation Days” conference will take place in Cracow on the 9th and 10th of October. We are proud to announce that Sii is the main sponsor of the event.

The third edition of the “Agile & Automation Days” conference will be a great opportunity to confront theory with good practices in terms of Agile and automation topics. The motto of this year’s edition of the event is: „Concrete Collaborative Creative”. How does it manifest itself?

Concrete – the conference consists of shorter, informative presentations – case studies are preferred.

Collaborative – presentations are extended by discussion panels, allowing you to explore a topic with a speaker.

Creative – everyone (regardless of whether it is a listener or a speaker), goes home full of ideas, new insights, experiences and with new friends.

One of Sii’s core competencies are testing services. With 11 years of commercial experience, 600 Test Specialists, over 200 completed projects and a well-equipped test lab for mobile devices, Sii is aware of the need to promote good practices in Agile and test automation. This is why we have decided to support Agile & Automation Days 2017 as its main sponsor and also share some of our experiences in Agile and automation.

More information about Agile & Automation Days 2017, its speakers and a detailed schedule of the conference, can be found on the page of the event.

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