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Sii sponsors the 4Developers Gdańsk Conference

4Developers is a popular and highly regarded event in the IT community. This year, during the first Tricity edition of the Conference, Paweł Czapiewski from Sii, will talk about applications of Greenhills’ Integrity.

4Developers is the biggest Technological Festival in Poland. Every year the event gathers hundreds of participants: programmers, architects, testers, coders, team leaders, managers and students of IT-related courses. It was created for everyone connected with technology – both professionals and amateurs.

On September 18th 4Developers will take place in Gdańsk – it will be the first edition organized out of Warsaw. Sii, technological and engineering services leader, is a sponsor of this event. The organizers took care of the diversity and substantive value of the presentations. The topics were selected based on the opinions and needs of the IT community operating in the north of Poland. The paths created in different parts of Poland will show which IT specialists are most needed on the market in different regions.

The speakers will present themselves under four different themed paths: .NET, C++, App Arch and Soft Skills. The participants will have the chance to listen to such experts, as: Marcin Hoppe, Guy Davidson, Mateusz Pusz, Piotr Stapp, Odin Holmes, Piotr Gankiewicz, Konrad Kokosa, Adam Sitnik and Paweł Czapiewski from Sii, who will speak about building secure, real-time embedded applications with Greenhills’ Integrity.

The presentation is a case study of creating a demo of Integrity from Green Hills Software. The demo illustrates the selected capabilities of this real-time operating system used in the most critical areas. The demo was created based on a toy slot car track extended by custom hardware. The control is carried out using a dedicated application running in a distributed real-time environment. The demo shows among others: Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure communication capabilities, as well as a visualization created using the QT framework. The lecture discusses the system architecture and utilized hardware and presents the biggest challenges that had to be faced during the project. The toolchain used to create the application and the sample source code, illustrating the work with the operating system will also be demonstrated.

The idea behind 4 Developers is to create a space that promotes the activity of specialists – the exchange of knowledge and experiences of the IT community. However, it is so much more than just lectures. It is a great opportunity to step outside of the lecture zone and meet world class specialists and enthusiasts of the IT world in a relaxed atmosphere.

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