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Sii Star – Rafał Dybus – Sii Kraków

I joined the Kraków branch on September 5, 2011, though it seems like it was just yesterday… Coming to Sii, I had four years of experience in sales, so my work and adventure began in the position of an Account Manager.

At the beginning, like every salesperson at Sii, I had to gain knowledge of the IT industry, in particular, the area of broadly understood outsourcing, which was a complete novelty for me. Ryszard Pytko, our Branch Director, proposing that I deal with Sabre, our first Client in Kraków, was a great ennoblement as well as a major challenge. I would compare this proposal to a jump off the very deep end.

Over the next year of work, I was promoted to the position of Key Account Manager, and in September 2012 I was joined by Magda Jaworska – then Sales Specialist, currently Account Resource Manager. That’s how our Business Unit was founded. In August 2014, it was expanded by Beata Piasecka – Sales Operation Specialist.

At the moment, as an Account Executive, I am responsible for every aspect of business development with Sabre, as well as more than 80 engineers, working both in the client’s office, as well as in our Delivery Center in Lublin. My daily work – and thus, my entire professional life, is focused on Sabre. Starting with the oversight of the proper operation of the entire Business Unit, through the business aspect as part of a broad portfolio of services (Staffing, Team Leasing, Professional & Managed Services), realized as Sii in cooperation with the client, ending with supporting the engineers engaged in more than 20 projects.

My biggest success? The people who are the base of our BUS, as well as all engineers working on Sabre projects. The people, without whom achievements such as the Best Business Unit at Sii Kraków or Best Client at Sii awards received at the last Managers Weekend, would not be possible.

For me, the most important and most rewarding part is that Sii is primarily composed of great and open people. I also appreciate the Sii’s transparency, clear rules of cooperation and, most of all, the willingness to listen to the employees.

Privately, I am happily married to Danusia for almost 10 years. We have a 4.5-year-old son, Mateusz. For over 20 years I’ve been playing guitar, from time to time also with our Sii band – JamseSiion, which some Sii employees have the opportunity to hear during our special and team building events – not only in Kraków!


Rafał Dybus, Account Executive – Sii Kraków

Career path:
  • Account Manager
  • Key Account Manager
  • Account Executive

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