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    Sii Stars Awards Winners – a few words about motivation, success and much more

    We present a short overview of the history of achievements of Sii Power People, who were awarded in the Sii Stars competition for their outstanding results. Sixteen winners talk about their roles in the company, executed projects and the ability to create added value for Clients.


    1. Anna Kłobuchowska, Test & Analysis Engineer, talks about learning opportunities at Sii

    “Both in professional and personal life an opportunity to learn new things and take up challenges gives me the greatest pleasure. This year, I was recognized in a unique way I received the Sii Stars award in the Power People category. This motivates me towards further work and development!”

    1. Passion with capital P — Piotr Prędyś, Service Delivery Manager

    “The smile of the people I cooperate with and small successes on a daily basis motivate me strongly and make my work a pleasure. Each of us reaches a moment when they need something more than money or promotions. At Sii passion is spelt with capital P — Passion for Technology, Passion for Fun.”

    1. The impossible does not exist — Tomasz Omieciński, Business Unit Manager

    “To me it is the achieved successes that bring the greatest satisfaction at work. Together with the team we show that impossible is nothing and that together we can overcome various difficulties and achieve really good results.”

    1. People who give power — Wojciech Dreja, Recruitment Director

    “Working in the Recruitment Department brings a lot of satisfaction — it is about everyday care for positive experiences of our candidates in their contact with Sii, as well as cooperation with great people, who address these challenges on a daily basis. Dynamics, openness to change, a focus on teamwork — these are strong distinguishing features of work at Sii. People at Sii give power!”

    1. Bringing new ideas to life — Leszek Owczarek, providing support for users and ensuring continuity of the office’s work, Senior IT Support Specialist

    “I am glad that the system which was implemented in Sii’s Poznań branch thanks to my initiative is now being implemented also in other branches. My engagement in everyday work has been noticed and recognised. I feel that I have real impact on the development of the entire organization.”

    1. Support for others — Anton Iskov, Scrum Master

    “I love helping others and people know that in case of any problems they can count on me. I am glad that my conscientiousness and willingness to help others have been recognized. People and the opportunity to build strong relationships are these aspects of my work, which bring me the greatest pleasure. We are not only colleagues, we also like to spend our free time together.”

    1. Project diversity — Bartosz Pędziwiatr-Ratajczyk, Lead Developer Dynamics CRM

    “Continuous development and new projects are the biggest pleasure in working at Sii. By working in one of 11 Competency Centers I have a chance to support Clients from different industries by executing a range of diverse projects. It allows me to constantly develop and improve my competencies and gain new experiences.”

    1. Individual approach to Workers — Ewa Kędzior, Recruitment & HR Manager

    “in my everyday work I am responsible for the recruitment of candidates. I love surprising them with my very personalized approach and the fact that I start building our relationship right away – already during the first meetings. I know that it is this attitude that allows us to create teams based on trust and friendly cooperation.”

    1. Moving forward — Łukasz Wójcik, Team Leader

    “I do what I like. Every day brings something new and for me it indicates a really nice company. I work in an inspiring team of experienced specialists. This motivates me towards further work. The projects I am engaged in often require different point of view, which allows me to think I do not stand still. I am constantly developing and this is great!”

    1. The most crucial values — Marta Mazurek, Resource Manager in the Delivery Center

    “Sii stands for working in an environment of people who pursue such values as loyalty, trust and integrity. This is the place where I can spread my wings. I am highly independent in my actions and I have the full support of managers in well-thought professional development. Every day I wake up highly motivated and ready to take up new challenges.”

    1. Making the world a better place — Michał Jędruch, Team Leader

    “For me, the Sii Stars award is a personal confirmation that our Clients work with us on a basis of trust and very close relationships. The product which my team and I are responsible for is an example of the fact that at Sii I am able to create brand new solutions and make the world a better place.”

    1. Visible effects of my work — Aleksandra Ilczuk, HR Manager

    “I feel that my everyday work makes sense and is beneficial to the organization itself. In my work I value mainly the possibility to implement my own ideas with the support of fantastic people!”

    1. Testing yourself in different situations — Piotr Guzik, Team Leader

    “People who create a motivating and good atmosphere are Sii’s biggest value. Here we have a chance to work with different projects and Clients. It allows me to test myself in numerous situations and face different challenges. It gives me a real buzz.”

    1. Recognising every Worker— Piotr Tustanowski, IT Support Specialist

    “There are many factors that make me value my work at Sii. Walking through the door of the office itself already brings positive associations. Resolving problems, which significantly facilitate business processes, gives me big satisfaction, but everyday tasks are also interesting. There is no “let George do it” attitude in the company, which I know from working in other organizations. I see that both my employer and my colleagues notice and recognize my involvement.”

    1. Interesting tasks — Sylwia Majdak, Senior Recruitment & HR Specialist

    “The list of things that I appreciate in my work and which give me pleasure every day and  additionally motivate me to take up challenges, is very long. I like what I do every day and the people I can work with. I feel that the effects of my actions are really visible, both within my organization and on the Client’s side.”

    1. Enriching the Clients’ businesses — Tomasz Czerwonka, Solutions Architect

    “I feel the greatest pleasure when my engagement and what I do brings joy to other people. The moment when I can see that others are happy with the results of my work is priceless. The awareness that what I do in my team or individually brings real business benefits to our Clients, is highly motivating.”


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