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Sii Poland supports a leading manufacturer of building materials in digital transformation – Mulesoft® service bus will automate the order management process

Our client and a leader of the building materials market needed to automate the supply chain management process. The implementation of the next-generation Mulesoft® integration platform by Sii specialists was a milestone in their digital transformation. Employing over 25 000 people working in 220 factories all over the world, the company manufactures and sells its products on 5 continents.

The Mulesoft® service bus will be used at every stage of the client’s digital transformation. Strategically important to the client, the project involving Salesforce, SAP and PIM (Product Information Management) integration as part of the automated order processing system – from acceptance to materials’ loading into a container – was a top priority. As part of the cooperation, Sii also helped train one of client’s employee on how to effectively use the Mulesoft® platform.

– One of the challenges was to build a team with niche expertise in a short period. Also, some of the delayed tasks that we took over required improvement, but still we managed to finish everything on time. The project was technologically diverse. Apart from Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, we used Adobe DAM, Azure DevOps, rest API, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, SOAP and PIM system – says Łukasz Borowski, Business Manager at Sii.

For Sii, it was the first commercial project on such a scale implemented using cloud technology and Anypoint Platform. To a large extent, the team’s expertise was based on the experience of one of Sii’s architects, who, as part of the company’s strategy, built competencies in Mulesoft technology, which is a leading technology in the area of integration.

– Mulesoft Anypoint Platform is at the forefront of integration solutions. Its position was earned through years of experience and consultations with clients and developers. A solution finished in all details gives you the confidence to work on very demanding projects. We had the opportunity to develop the solution from scratch and implement the requested functionalities. In both cases, we achieved excellent results thanks to the team’s experience and positive cooperation with the client. As a team, we have ambitious plans related to Mulesoft, and, more specifically, future projects and competence development for certification pathways – explains Adam Buksztaler, Solutions Architect at Sii.

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