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    Successful Testing Flight with WOW air and Testing Services Competency Center

    The Icelandic airline WOW air, which conquered the hearts of America by offering cheap flights from the US to Europe, became a customer of the Sii Testing Services Competency Center in 2017. Although the carrier has been present on the market since 2012, it was not until 2016/2017 that it won a lot of fans thanks to an attractive offer combining the old and the new continent. Moreover, in the following years, WOW air decided to diversify its offer by expanding into the Asian market. These strategic business decisions meant greater quality and testing needs for their current IT systems.

    Sii’s cooperation with WOW air started in an unusual manner. The team from Sii Testing Services Competency Center had shown a sample of their capabilities by performing a series of exploratory search engine tests for flights, and then providing WOW air with the results – says Bartosz Borowy, Business Manager responsible for customer care at Sii. The test report made a positive impression on the Icelanders, who wanted to see the benefits of cooperation with the largest test provider in Poland, and therefore decided to order another series of tests, in 2016 and 2017. Sii then set up a 5-person team of test specialists, specifically for this client, which began tasks outsourced from Reykjavik. After a further five stages of cooperation and after their having found many defects, WOW air decided to cooperate on a regular basis by placing a contract with the Sii test team. The main goal of the service was to ensure quality and test the new carrier’s website by performing functional and non-functional tests on various browsers, both computer and mobile. Two aspects of this cooperation deserve particular attention.

    WOW air was one of Sii’s first customers, where the Testing Services Competency Center used its mobile laboratory. This lab allows you to perform functional and non-functional tests on smart phones and tablets. Sii has more than 70 of the largest brands in its laboratory, including Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Sony, LG and Lenovo, which reflect the market structure, including various pricing levels, screen resolutions and operating system versions. Thanks to the mobile laboratory, manual and automatic tests can be performed remotely, giving the tester complete control over the real device, as well as access to all information required for the test: logs, reports or performance charts.

    A second noteworthy fact is that WOW air tests were performed using Accessibility, which checks the compliance of the site with the guidelines for adaptation for the disabled. The tests were based on the WCAG 2.0 regulations and included the entire WOW air portal, which was to be adapted for the deaf and the visually impaired. These tests are part of the non-functional tests that Sii offers along with the safety, performance and usability tests.
    Cooperation with WOW air is an excellent example of Sii’s offer for the transport and tourism market in Europe and in the world. Sii Testing Services Competency Center has, among its clients, transport companies, airlines, and companies producing software or products used in these industries.

    The experience gained by our teams on transport and tourism projects allows us to provide testing services tailored to this branch of industry. We are able to provide the high quality of our services thanks to the use of new technological solutions – says Marcin Laksander – Director of the Testing Services Competency Center.

    Article written by: Barbara Kun

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