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Summing up IT Wonder Woman – vol.2

On the 22th of March in the Gdańsk Sii branch, the IT WONDER WOMAN meeting was held – in other words a meeting of ladies for ladies that love IT. March is a unique month, dedicated to all women – this is why Sii has decided to integrate and animate the female IT society. Nearly 50 participants took part in our meeting which was organized for the second year in a row.

All participants – students, persons starting their career in IT, developers, testers, analysts, project managers and new technology enthusiasts had the opportunity to take part in technical speeches. Our speakers were IT specialists from Sii – Dorota Słoniecka, QA Technical Leader and Agnieszka Polak, Software Engineer. Dorota presented the topic ,,Software Testing in a Nutshell” and Agnieszka gave a speech about ,,Objective Programming & Women in IT”.

During the meeting the ladies had the chance to talk, network and share their professional experiences – in the meantime sipping fruit cocktails and juices. The initiative is becoming very popular in Tricity, that’s why IT Wonder Women will be continued in the following years.

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