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The best in the business not by chance

The Managerial Weekend is behind us. This year the award in the Best Client category went to Szymon Dziubek, Director of the Business Unit supporting the awarded client.

The award was granted for several reasons. The scale of Sii’s business with the client has increased significantly, cooperation takes place in several different models, and the relationship with the client’s representatives is excellent. Cooperation with the client is managed by Szymon Dziubek, working in Sii since 2011 as an Account Manager and now Director of one of Sii`s Business Units in Krakow.

The award-winning client is a worldwide corporation, whose daily functioning is supported by a wide range of applications and systems. As a result, our engineers have got the opportunity to work on interesting and diverse projects, both in terms of technology, size of the project and methodologies of how to lead the project.

Also, the project teams are very diversified. They include both experts with years of experience and those who have recently completed engineering studies. More than 80 people work on behalf of Sii in Poland for the award-winning client.



Cooperation with the client over past 5 years has evolved. Initially, Sii provided specialists for projects managed by the client. Thanks to the relation built on trust, currently Sii independently implements complete projects for the client. Our clients charges our company for the results, which are measured by a number of KPIs.

We have been cooperating with our client for many years by now, but still each day brings us new challenges. We have developed effective methods of communication and teamwork culture based on positive thinking in teams. Both of these things are important, and they largely have enabled us to develop cooperation with the client. In such relationships nothing happens by itself, nothing is a matter of coincidence or luck. Trust must be earned – says Szymon Dziubek.

We congratulate Szymon on winning the award and wish further success!

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