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The digital transformation with Dynamics 365 − a solution from Microsoft at Sii

A new approach to business

A modern enterprise has an integrated view of all business processes from production through sales to customer service. Starting from now entrepreneurs can manage their business from the moment of manufacturing a single product, through its distribution, warehousing, marketing, sales, and finally, shipping and customer service. With the ecosystem of intelligent applications, the integration of activities in all areas is not only possible, but also very simple. Only such a holistic approach to running a business gives real benefits, which ultimately translates into increased efficiency and revenue in the company.


 CRM, ERP and much more

CRM, ERP, cloud-based business applications, advanced analytics and intelligent solutions supporting business in every area − Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s response to the needs of the contemporary market. Dynamics 365 belongs to a new generation of business applications, which allow advanced management of all areas in an enterprise by combining the possibilities of Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM. The Solution from Microsoft allows you to manage every department in the company, using a single system. This new approach gives businesses a complete picture of business processes and allows for quick decision-making based on key data now gathered in one place. What is more, the cloud-based operation of the application can reduce IT infrastructure costs and improve data security. The system organizes and optimizes financial management, production, sales, customer service, and marketing processes and full-service project management. The new distribution model allows users to choose the modules and functionalities that best suit their needs and to expand the system with new applications in the future, so that the system better suits individual user needs.

Dynamics 365 Competency Center

An integrated tool requires an appropriate approach, this is why the Dynamics 365 Competency Center was established at Sii. It offers a full range of services. Starting with the analysis, through the implementation and maintenance of the solution and data migration up to the integration of the system with the Client’s tools and training the team in the system functionalities from both a business and technical perspective.

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“To provide Clients with comprehensive services Sii has established the Dynamics 365 Competency Center. Almost 100 specialists working every day with Clients from Poland and abroad on projects, providing training and supporting companies at every stage of cooperation. Microsoft products are well-known at Sii, our consultants have been implementing them for several years, and gained experience allows us to better respond to the needs of our Clients,” Paweł Magnuszewski, Business Development Manager at the Dynamics 365 Competency Center.

Sii’s strength is its competence. It allows us to implement complex projects in the area of Dynamics 365, SharePoint, Power BI, Office 365, which perfectly complement the organization. This complex offer provides comprehensive services in every area of your business operations. Not only does Sii offer the implementation and maintenance of Microsoft products, but it also serves as an advisor at every stage of the implementation process. Experienced consultants of the Dynamics 365 team help choose the best business solutions for Clients. All Microsoft products and related services offered by Sii form a coherent ecosystem, which is a step towards the digital transformation of enterprises.

365 Dynamics Competency Center is almost 100 developers, architects and consultants with years of experience, and more than 50 completed projects in Poland and abroad in industries such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Banking

Outsourcing of IT Professionals

The strength of Sii is the Dynamics 365 team which has extensive experience in working on implementation and maintenance projects with Dynamics AX, CRM and 365. These days, when finding IT professionals becomes increasingly difficult, Sii offers the services of teams that are immediately ready to support Clients in projects. Experience in international projects, know-how and knowledge of the English language allow our specialists to easily find their way in new global projects.

Are you interested in the offer of outsourcing Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialists?

Go to and contact us. We will prepare a customized offer for you.


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