Sii Poland experts carry out a digital transformation of a global energy group SHV Energy

The SHV Energy Group, a global player on the energy market, faced the challenge of migrating their key systems to the cloud and launching a digital environment for efficient cooperation. Thanks to the solutions proposed by Sii Poland, the process of migration and adoption of Microsoft 365 tools has been carried safely and has not disturbed the daily work in the organization. The project covered over 15 countries on 3 continents. 

Digital transformation of the global concern

SHV Energy is a multinational group of specialized energy companies. In Poland specifically, SHV Energy supports clean energy through oil to gas conversion with its Gaspol entity.

Building a modern work environment based on cloud solutions was part of a large program of unification, centralization and transfer of key systems working in the group subsidiaries to the cloud. The project is unique because of its scope as the migration concerned several dozen subsidiary companies located on several continents to one common IT environment.

The main business drivers supporting the decision were to:

  • Support collaboration: Leverage Microsoft Teams and SharePoint for planned and ad-hoc conferencing and data sharing 
  • Drive security and compliance: Apply central governance to data-storage 
  • Leverage the cloud to maintain software concurrencyTo make sure that all of SHV Energy’s people have access to the same and latest productivity software
  • Leverage economies of scale: One Enterprise-wide agreement with Microsoft instead of each of SHV Energy’s Businesses procuring subscriptions individually. 

Why did SHV Energy choose SiiWe have extensive experience in the implementation and use of cloud solutions. Thanks to the knowledge of the needs of individual sectors, the company is fully prepared to meet specific requirements and security criteria, such as those found in the utilities industry or public institutionssays Piotr Żukowski, Head of Public & Utilities Industry at Sii Poland 

Digital workspace as a part of the digital revolution​  

The cooperation began with a series of discovery workshop meetings. Sii sent a group of experts from Poland to work with the client on-site, in the effort to develop a plan for the future. The project focused on cloud migration and intranet launch. 

Sii prepared a new corporate intranet for SHV Energy HQ based on SharePoint modern experience. In the past, SHV Energy implemented SharePoint On-Premise to build their heavily used intranet space and it was time to move on to the new, still safe and secure, cloud-based solution, giving more possibilities for the company’s further development in almost every field of everyday work.  

– Within the migration process, Sii transferred about 100 site collections. We had done our best to ensure SHV Energy that the migration was a quick, safe process and it shouldn’t influence negatively their normal activities of day-to-day work – says Szymon Bochniak, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland. 

The SHV’s SharePoint was migrated within a month. 

Importance of user adoption 

During implementation we put a lot of efforts on user adoption activities, as a part of change enablement process – says Daniel Wiechczyński, Delivery Manager at Sii Poland.     

It was expressed in particular by work we did with the users onsite. We were dedicated to guiding SHV Energy throughout the whole process. With that in mind, we organized a series of training sessions, starting with the most important applications: SharePoint, One Drive and MS Teams – adds Bartosz Wojciechowski, Architect at Sii Poland.

After the first series of meetings, Sii team moved on to further training and focused on the individual needs of the future Microsoft 365 users. The consultants were available for weeks to answer any questions, assist with the transition and quickly help with any issues that might have appeared once the tools were launched company-wide.

Effects of the transformation ​  

Since starting the project with Sii SHV Energy has seen its positive results. The most important were:

  • Limiting the number of required travels and improving communication thanks to MS Teams.
  • Boosting productivity by making it easy for company employees to work together, collaborate globally in real time, create a virtual office where users can work with information securely while they’re on the go.
  • Reduction of operational and maintenance cost of on-premise licenses and the server infrastructure.
  • Improving data availability and security.

The only way everybody should follow​  

We live in a time of revolutionary changes in working methods, tools, but also work habits. The fourth industrial revolution is already affecting practically all branches of the economy today, although the manner and speed of implementing modern digital solutions differ from one sector to another.   

Utility enterprises are also changing. They are beginning to use new methods of information processing, cloud services, with greater conviction, provide their employees with modern workplaces, digital workspace. You can say there is no coming back. Today, it is no longer possible to achieve greater efficiency or attract qualified staff without providing people with attractive working conditions and modern toolsSHV Energy is a good example for all utility companies to follow – says Piotr Żukowski.

To find out more about Sii Poland’s solutions for utilities – contact us.

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