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Value Stream Mapping

The bespoke Value Stream Mapping Workshop focuses on showing and implementing in IT processes, a method thanks to which, waste in processes is identified and eliminated and thereby their effectivity and operational efficiency is increased.


In-depth understanding and gaining knowledge of practical use of Value Stream Mapping method towards processes within IT service organization.


People responsible for effectiveness and efficiency of IT processes; everybody involved in continual service improvement activities; process managers, process owners, service owners; people responsible for quality management.


Presentation, discussion and practical exercises

  • At the end of this course participants will know:
    • basic concepts of LEAN IT and Six Sigma,
    • value Stream mapping techique (regarding IT processes),
    • areas within IT for applying Value Stream Mapping
  • Taking part in practical exercises participants will:
    • define value streams,
    • describe „AS-IS” state of the certain process,
    • identify areas for improvement as well as wastes,
    • identify non-value adding activities,
    • come up with ideas of eliminating wastes,
    • design and describe „TO BE” state.

Tailor-made content of training addressing customer needs, classes conducted by a trainer experienced in IT service management, printed course materials, catering (refers to classes located in Sii), certificates of completion of training.

Training scope
  • LEAN IT and Six Sigma main concepts especially:
    • Customer i Customer value,
    • Voice of the customer,
    • Value stream,
    • Process,
    • Wastes within IT area.
  • ITSM processes versus value stream.
  • Value stream mapping and improving efficiency and effectiveness of ITSM processes.
  • SIPOC (Supplier, Input, Process, Output, Customer).
  • Selected methods af visual creation of actual process flow– diagram spagetti, swim-lane diagram etc.
  • Identification of most common wastes in ITSM processes.
  • Communication in ITSM processes.
  • Excercises– applying Value Stream Mapping technique tro the chosen ITSM process.
  • The number of participants : 8-15 people
  • Duration : 1 day
  • Language : Polish/English
  • Course material : English

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