Course objectives

A basic understanding of blockchain technology, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and their potential.


Participants will get to know:

  • origins, philosophy and assumptions behind blockchain technology,
  • differences between blockchain, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,
  • basic cryptographic concepts,
  • use cases for blockchain in various industries.

Participants will be able to:

  • understand the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies and changes that they will likely bring to the economy of the near future,
  • evaluate usefulness of blockchain-based technologies to practical problems they encounter in business.
Training scope
  • Introduction, outline of the workshop. What is blockchain technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum? History of cryptocurrency networks. Overview of popular implementations.
  • Principle of operation of a programmable blockchain network on the example of Ethereum. Basic cryptographic concepts and available tools.
  • Practical exercise – user accounts and interaction with the Ethereum network in a browser.
  • Reaching consensus in the network, i.e. consensus algorithms (PoW, PoS).
  • What are smart contracts? Principle of operation and application. How to design, test and implement smart contracts from the browser?
  • Practical exercise – the first smart contract.
  • What problems does blockchain technology solve? Tamper-proof accounting. Undisputed register.
  • What are decentralised applications and how do they work?
  • The blockchain in the corporation. How to run a corporate network? Algorithm PoA.
  • Initial Coin Offering (ICO) campaigns – an innovative funding mechanism. Types of tokens.
  • Practical exercise – we create our own cryptocurrency.
  • Applications of blockchain technology in various industries, their groundbreaking potential and development perspective. Discussion

Banking sector professionals, both business and IT departments.

The number of participants: 8-15 people

Duration: 1 day

Available language: PL / EN

Available course material: PL / EN

Course form
Presentation, lecture, discussion.

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