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Our key strengths

100% code coverage

in unit tests

Full traceability

of test deliverables

Detailed test reports

meeting strict software certification criteria

High automation

with reliable test frameworks and programming languages

HIL testing

using software simulators, hardware emulators, stubs


with requirements and standard guidelines

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We cover different business areas

Testing technology & strategy

Having strong quality assurance expertise and experience, we support our clients in the right choice of testing methodologies and tools to meet project-specific requirements. The process consists of multiple activities:

Having strong quality assurance expertise and experience, we support our clients in the right...

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  • Preparing a relevant testing strategy
  • Providing hints on testing process optimization
  • Advising on quality metrics
  • Selecting appropriate tools & techniques
  • Proposing testing guidelines
  • Preparing a test plan

Our experts will guide you through the whole process of setting strategic goals, selecting a progress-tracking technique, and preparing formal input and output documentation for the quality assurance process. We can achieve this for you by:

  • Determining testing goals
  • Proposing the most suitable test types
  • Advising on coverage types, reports, compliance standards
  • Recommending testing techniques & tools
  • Developing a test plan & schedule
  • Estimating the required resources
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Quality assurance in detail

Software quality cannot can be ensured only via running multiple types of tests. To say that a product is bulletproof, we need to validate separately each software component. Once the smallest SW unit is tested, we can start further validation . We offer embedded software testing on different levels:

Software quality cannot can be ensured only via running multiple types of tests. To...

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  • Unit testing
  • Component testing
  • Integration testing
  • System testing

Sii quality assurance engineers combine state-of-the-art tools and processes in order to ensure, monitor, and improve the overall software quality, along with its security, stability and effectiveness. To do it, we execute various types of tests:

  • Smoke testing
  • Regression testing
  • Sanity testing
  • User acceptance testing

Clear reporting is a vital part of the validation process. It brings test results, status and progress together to show the current state of the project to the client in terms of stability and quality. We can achieve it by a combination of:

  • Bug reporting
  • Progress tracking
  • Test coverage measurement
  • Tests regarding feature/requirement traceability
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Standards compliance verification

Testing is meant not only for quality assurance but also to verify devices’ or software’s compliance with various technical and industry-specific standards:

Testing is meant not only for quality assurance but also to verify devices’ or...

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  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Railway
  • Payment solutions

Sii quality assurance engineers bring together advanced tools and processes to achieve the overall improvement as for compliance with the expected standards. We provide a clear and detailed indication of any non-compliance found in:

  • Functional behavior of software
  • Performance
  • Documentation
  • Non-functional behavior of software
  • Security
  • Test coverage

When it is required for product certification, we use relevant certified tools like VectorCAST for quality assurance.

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