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On the occasion of Tester’s Day, we have released free solutions to facilitate testing automation using Java and Selenium. These are the framework templates used by Sii in many projects.

Everyone who starts tests automation in a new project on the first place thinks about choosing a right programming language and tools. The next step is the implementation of the framework in the selected language – this is the most important success factor of the entire automation project. If we make mistakes in designing or implementation, sooner or later our tests will cease to be effective and won’t be profitable. That is why we would like to share with the community of software testers solutions that we have developed during several projects. These are framework templates that can be used for any web application test automation project. Just download the code from the GIT repository and read the instructions from the readme.md file.

Our solutions reduce the time of automation due to the fact that the part related to the integration of libraries and test architecture is already implemented. You can immediately start creating Page Objects and tests. The code is clean and follows object-oriented programming principles.

The tools are intended for developers dealing with automation of testing web applications in Selenium. Both beginners and experienced developers can use them.

Currently in Sii we are working on implementations for various languages and technologies. We decided that at the moment two of the prepared solutions have reached a level that allows us to share them, both in Java and based on the Selenium library. The first is a solution based on the classic Page Object Pattern, the second is based on the Screenplay Pattern and its implementation in the Serenity library. C#, Python, JS and API testing solutions are still waiting for implementations.

Download our frameworks:

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