How can your company save money? Find out how Sii helped Staples Solutions increase effectiveness by migrating to Office 365

Staples Solutions, a leader in the industry of office products and solutions, has faced the challenge of improving its day-to-day operations while maintaining cost-effectiveness. The company entrusted Sii to manage the migration from SharePoint on-premises to Office 365. The migration process had to be easy to implement without interrupting the users.

Staples Solutions supports businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to the Fortune 100, with office supplies, facilities, breakroom supplies, furniture, technology, promotional products and print & marketing services. The company presented Sii with a challenge quite large in volume – 800 GB of data kept on SharePoint to be exact. Staples Solutions searched for a way to reduce infrastructure-maintenance costs, at the same time sticking to the already developed and used solutions as well as maintaining one global system with the well-known interface and usability.

Sii helped Staples Solutions with the organization of their current SharePoint 2013 farms to solve problems that users encounter in their day-to-day work. The biggest challenges that needed to be addressed were high infrastructure expenses, related to SharePoint 2013 farms being built using several servers and substantial cost of SharePoint on-premises licenses which had to be prolonged in the upcoming few months.

– The solution had to keep the current data intact while having critical applications up and running. Moreover, the user’s daily work could not be influenced by any delays or situations when the system is not operative – says Karolina Schuetz, Business Manager at Sii.

The solution included the migration of custom applications based on front-end technologies. In total, nine custom applications were moved from SharePoint on-premise to Office 365, keeping their original functionality and adding extra elements like dedicated dashboards.

– Selecting SharePoint Online as a new platform was supported by many arguments, including low infrastructure cost and the fact that the license price may be significantly reduced compared to other systems. With Office 365 there is no need to keep internal SharePoint servers, so the company does not have to bear additional expenses – says Tomasz Rabiński, Service Delivery Manager at Sii.

– What is more, data kept on SharePoint on-premise is fully compatible with SharePoint Online. Users do not have to worry that their documents won’t work on a new platform – adds Szymon Bochniak, Service Delivery Manager at Sii.

As a result of the project, Staples Solutions has gained a modern workspace which will help the users to collaborate and exchange information in an efficient and easy way. The company’s site structures have been reviewed, unused sites have been removed, overall data volume has decreased thanks to the cleaning process introduced during the migration execution.

– During the analysis phase, we already decreased the volume of data by removing it from the scope of every unused site – says Tomasz Rabiński. – As a part of the execution process we reorganized the documents structure following a few simple rules. First of all, we migrated only the latest and most relevant file versions, omitting those which were old and not needed. Secondly, we combined files from different places (including different farms) based on their type, content or status. Thirdly, we updated lists and libraries by creating the most suitable views. Last but not least, we updated the list, library and old views settings to ensure that list views threshold is not reached – explains Tomasz Rabiński.

Sii not only helped trimming costs, but also users have been presented with new possibilities and collaboration between users has grown approximately by 20% (number of announcements, file-sharing, overall SharePoint usage). Finally, the goal has been reached, Staples Solutions has given up using SharePoint on-premise to fully utilize functionalities that are offered by Office 365.

Thanks to a well-conducted analysis phase, any possible issues were identified before executing the migration, which helped to speed up the process by having ready solutions in place. As the schedule was of a crucial importance in the project, Sii executed the migration day & night, including weekends. It is worth mentioning that the process didn’t interrupt Staples Solutions’ daily business work and none of the client’s systems was influenced by Sii’s activity – the migration was fully transparent.

Sii executed several migrations processes completed successfully. Such a project can be handled without any failures thanks to vast experience and dedicated tools, such as Sharegate. If you would like to find out how Office365 can improve your company, contact our experts from the Office 365 Competency Center.

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