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Get to know Sii’s largest Competency Center! At CC Digital 1 000+ experts focus on mobile and web apps, e-commerce, UX and RPA for top international brands

Since the beginning of its activity, Sii Poland has focused on the development of expert knowledge and experience within specialized areas. Thanks to the combination of technological and business competencies Sii is able to provide its clients with a wide range of services, executing the holistic 360-degree approach. The internal unit within the organization, which undoubtedly deserves a special mention, is the Digital Competency Center.

Ambitious challenges and modern technologies

Employees of the Digital Competency Center (CC Digital) are characterized by a passion for digital technologies and pride in the fact that in their daily work they use the amazing, comprehensive possibilities of digital transformation. Thanks to its proactive attitude, the Digital Department redefines the way entire enterprises operate in many countries around the world.

The main area of the unit’s activity is the creation of modern, dedicated software. Digital provides a full application lifecycle – through analysis, technical design, development, testing, as well as integration and implementation of the software in the client’s environment.

Digital delivers ready-to-use, state-of-the-art solutions that support the client throughout the entire development process. We provide extensive analysis and design of fully functional applications, implement dedicated solutions, and perform the entire product delivery process – from design, through development, to application launch and market introduction. We create scalable integration platforms, and support testing and quality control processes in all technology areas.

Another point of CC Digital’s activity is the development of RPA solutions – implementation, maintenance, and rental of software robots. Moreover, we offer our clients the implementation of cloud platforms such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.  The department also helps in digital customer service and e-commerce, and offers full support in digital transformation.

– The Digital Competency Center has always focused on people, our strong point is the specialists we employ. Currently, the vast majority of our team members are programmers of such technologies like Java, .Net/C#. In addition, we have created the largest team in Poland in the field of web applications, bringing together more than 650 modern front-end and mobile specialists –  says Dariusz Adamowski, Senior Competency Center Director at Sii Poland.

Dynamic development and further successes

Digital has been separated as a specialized unit within Sii since March 2015. At the beginning of its operation, the Competency Center employed 34 people, and a year after its establishment, the unit was awarded as the best department in the organization, which was an announcement of success and further development. In the following years, a number of organizational changes took place which made it possible to build a solid structure. Currently, thanks to the structure of a multidimensional matrix, it allows for the management of 1,000 people and the implementation of about 100 different projects.

In the following years, along with the growth of the department, the next step in the development of CC Digital was the emergence of competency sub-centres, which allow for the development of even more expertise in their respective fields and for expanding areas of responsibility. Currently, there are 3 subordinate units within Digital:

  1. E-Commerce & Customer Experience – specializes in solutions for businesses that rely on online sales. Our experts advise and implement solutions that meet our clients’ business needs.
  2. System Integration – creates scalable integration platforms to move data between applications, and to analyze and explore existing systems.
  3. Robotics Process Automation – specializes in robotization of processes and development of effective automation solutions.

– An unquestionable success is the fact that we currently work with clients from all over the world, which are large global brands. Some of our largest customers include Puma, Ingenico, Scalepoint, Sennheiser, Motorola, Berlingske Media, Happy Socks, Tikkurila, The Ministry of Justice of Poland, Startsiden. Such a large diversification of clients gives great opportunities and allows every employee to find a project that fascinates him or her and allows them to feel the fun at work – emphasizes Dariusz Adamowski.

Fascinating projects

The companies that we have been working with since the beginning of CC Digital deserve a special mention. Such an example is Puma, a brand for which we have built a product life management (PLM) system. We started working with Puma in 2014, we managed to win a relatively small project for about 6-8 months with the involvement of a team of a dozen people. After great success and proving the first project, Puma asked us for help again and so since 2016 we have been working on solutions that are the heart of the brand. Just one year later, the first products were released on the market, which were produced using the solutions provided by Sii. At the moment, Puma’s team has grown from a dozen to 140 people, and it’s very close-knit and stable. Additionally, we can boast of a wide range of responsibilities, starting with the analysis, through the whole cycle of software creation and ending with DevOps support. In terms of technology during the cooperation with Puma we moved from Vadin to Anglar and Java Spring, and from a monolith hosted on-premise in Germany, we moved to the cloud.

One of the longest-lasting collaborations is also the one with Berlingske Media. Currently, in cooperation, we focus on supporting publications due to the fact that the client is one of the oldest publishers in the world. Berlingske Media’s goal is to increase digital presence and digital content profits, which we have successfully achieved for 7 years. We support end-to-end products from content creation, through publication, customer data management, and subscriptions. The technology stack we work on is React, Node, and PHP. The main success that should be mentioned is that a few years ago we became the sole supplier of Berlingske Media. There is a high level of trust between us, the client very rarely checks the people we propose to the team.

Development opportunities not only in projects

Due to the fact that the Digital Competency Center is such a large unit, it also contributes significantly to the development of the entire organization. Engineers are eager to share knowledge during meetups or webinars as well as internal and external workshops. They write valuable blog articles and contribute to events such as the Get Digital Summit, which turned out to be a great success last year. Digital also offers opportunities to change industries within the organization with the help of mentoring programs introducing technologies other than those used so far. These are mentoring programs where we offer knowledge, tools, and a dedicated mentor to give engineers the opportunity to program on a different technology stack than before.

Digital also offers opportunities to re-branch people from outside IT with the help of mentoring programs, such as the “Become a Java / .Net / Front-end developer”. Organized jointly with the Training Practice, these are training programs completed with a mentoring project in which we offer knowledge, tools, and a dedicated mentor to give you the opportunity to start a career in the IT market.

Plans for the future

– As the Digital Competency Center is constantly growing, our recruitment needs are also constantly increasing – says Marcin Kozłowski, Competency Center Director at Sii Poland. We currently employ over 1,000 employees, but we estimate that in about 3 years this number will double. We are looking for profiles such as Java developers, Front-end developers, .Net, React, Angular, Node, Vue specialists who know web technologies, etc. We are also interested in the candidacy of people who have experience in e-commerce – specialists in Digital Experience Platforms, e.g. from Adobe AEM or developers who know the processes of e-commerce – he adds.

If you are interested in projects and want to become part of the Digital Competency Center, check the offers and apply!

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