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Remote work does not have to be a limitation. Business continuity thanks to effective digital workplace

In the current situation, more and more companies in the world are choosing to work from home. Ensuring the safety and efficiency of such work becomes a challenge. Currently in Sii Poland as much as 95% of employees work remotely, and the load on the supporting infrastructure does not exceed 50% of the maximum efficiency. How did we manage to ensure that almost 4,500 people from all over Poland could switch to remote work at sight?

Creating a modern, digital workplace that allows effective, comfortable collaboration and communication from anywhere in the world has always been Sii’s priority. That is why our experts consistently introduce Digital Workplace solutions based on the tools provided by Microsoft, combining them with the latest infrastructure solutions.

– Sii’s infrastructure was designed to make the remote work possible for all employees for the period of over 6 months. We achieved that by implementing cloud tools and investing in bandwidth, so we are prepared for the current situation – says Michał Kopczyński, Chief Information Officer at Sii Polska.

Office 365 solutions mean that remote work is no different than usual. All employees can:

  • conduct virtual meetings
  • access all tools used on a daily basis – CRM system, BI reports, Office tools, Intranet Portal and many others
  • edit and exchange files online
  • reach any data

Knowing the usefulness and variety of such tools, Sii Polska implements them both in its organization and for its clients. Thanks to that, it is possible to conduct effective remote work and maintain business continuity regardless of the circumstances.

Digital Workplace in practice

Digital workplace at Sii Polska is based primarily on a number of proven tools:

  • MS Teams
  • Exchange Online
  • Outlook Online
  • Cloud OneDrive
  • SharePoint
  • KEMP authentication

Key communication tools have been moved to the cloud, thanks to which the Sii corporate network has been significantly relieved. Sii Poland employees’ mailboxes are migrated to Microsoft Exchange Online, which allowes to increase their capacity to 50 GB. Each user’s online storage has been increased to 1TB by implementing the OneDrive service. It is not only possible to quickly access all the files you need, regardless of where you work, but also to easily share and work together on documents, such as commercial offers or presentations without overloading the corporate network. All employees working on the projects can easily reach all the necessary resources and conveniently cooperate.

These enhancements have increased security while facilitating access. Thanks to KEMP authentication, Sii Poland employees currently working outside the company network, still have fully secured access to BI reports, the CRM system and the company intranet from a web browser.

Sii supervisors have all the tools to manage the productivity of their remote teams, and employees have constant access to the current news about the company activities. Scheduled trainings and meetings are continued online. Constant contact with the clients is also maintained, all projects are implemented without interference and with the highest safety standards.

Smooth communication thanks to MS Teams

Effective communication of the members of distributed teams is one of the key issues related to building an effective digital workplace. Microsoft Teams is a tool that allows you to easily maintain continuity of work, provide employees working from anywhere in the world with excellent communication possibilities and with the opportunity to cooperate with people from other locations.

It is a modern cloud-based service that combines the functionality of instant messages, teleconferences with high image quality and integration with MS Office, so that files can be edited by many people at the same time. Conversation history and the ability to create teams and threads allow you to limit e-mail correspondence and unload the mailboxes – all files are stored in the application.

Thanks to Microsoft Teams it is possible to:

  • maintain constant communication between people working in the same project team
  • conduct video conferences and business meetings with clients
  • share and work together on files – users have access to, among others, built-in applications, such as: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, quick Polly surveys and many, many others
  • conduct training, webinars and workshops, both internal and external

Good practices around the world

Many Sii Poland customers face the challenges in the digital workplace area. Among them is the international food processing company, which faced the challenge of creating a digital workplace based on Microsoft Office 365 solutions.

Sii Poland experts have proposed a number of solutions enabling the delivery of a tool supporting the creation of work areas for a rapidly growing number of system users. A flexible and intuitive solution has been implemented to automate the ordering, verification and creation of Office 365 components such as SharePoint, Teams, Planner and Office 365 Groups. Thanks to the solution, the number of active SharePoint Online users increased by 23%, which definitely helped in the further adoption process of Office 365 and in building good communication practices in the team. Find out more about this project HERE.

You don’t have Office 365 solutions in your company yet? We have good news – Microsoft currently provides its tools to companies for free for up to six months. See the presentation outlining the benefits for your company and contact us via our website and we will help you obtain licenses, choose and implement tools that will change the work in your organization.

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