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Outsourcing is not the first to come up with when considering workforce resources. In fact, you’ll have to get yourself out of your comfort zone to spot benefits outsourcing brings about. The article helps you find out the advantages of outsourced tech development and attempts to break the spell once put on this phenomena.

I will focus on one of the fastest growing outsourcing centers in EE – Poland. It is my attempt to show you IT outsourcing is not as black as it is often painted and can benefit both bigger and smaller entities.

Top IT development workforce in Eastern Europe

Common ambiguous belief about outsourcing has been evolving over the recent decade. As the times change, the popularity of outsourcing destinations has parallelly grown. Along with Indian resourceful market, Eastern European countries have become an attractive out-contracting point to back up the tech forces of foreign businesses. Among potential European outsourcing destinations, Polish landscape stands out as accelerating the spread of IT specialities among Polish students graduating from well-known universities such as University of Technology in Warsaw or AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. As a part of the rapidly modernizing IT scene, Polish developers rank 3rd among countries providing best IT development workforce. Cultural similarity and EU membership provide for the highest security and quality standards within the Polish IT sector. The aforementioned paved the way for Poland as an established business partner across Europe.

Minimizing the waiting time and maximizing benefits

Team leasing and staffing are the most approachable outsourcing business models practiced between the countries. Most importantly, due to resources shortage in e.g. Germany, UK and Scandinavian countries, it is advisable to look into outsourcing as a tendency to follow for a couple of reasons. Outsourcing removes employer obligation to cover administrative and HR expenses. Such responsibility lays fully on the contracting side to provide for specialists without the additional burden of paperwork. The aim is to provide support at hand, minimizing the waiting time and maximizing the opportunity to address project peaks. Ability to provide straight-off IT support increases your business’s capital making it more commercially attractive. Outsourcing liberalizes fixed costs, offering a pool of specialists/specialities easy to contract for a temporary period instead of full-time employment. It also enables quick and efficient worker exchange if needed; the resources can be easily replaced with working standards remaining uncompromised.

You may feel sharing your responsibilities with a foreign contractor can be an uneasy task. Mutual trust and open-mindedness are crucial to make this relationship thrive. Should you concern if the newly acquired employee fits into your corporate culture, BPO companies, such as Sii, devote the time to find the best fit to meet your expectations. The process significantly reduces the time and expense needed for hiring, training and supporting a direct employee.  In Poland, the cultural and language gap is not an issue; as a democratic nation, Polish people know how to cooperate within European structures, both culturally and professionally. Due to its geographical proximity, Poland is a great outsourcing point for countries concentrated around the Baltic Sea. Geographical location enables quick relocation at short notice if such need occurs. Also, Polish business hours overlap with Central European Timezone, which benefits every-day contact with worldwide customers.

Flexibility and high quality

Outsourcing helps you concentrate on priorities and manage your team more effectively. Staffing/Team Leasing provides you with specialists which can cooperate directly with your team or address other tasks separately. They can be delegated to various activities, facilitating the project execution time. Time and materials model used mainly for Staffing/Team leasing projects mirrors the actual work, maximizing efficient work-performance and lowering the costs. Outsourcing may be your main workforce resource or extra support provider. Flexibility, high quality and European standards define Polish possibilities in that area.

In Sii, as your outsourcing partner, we are always prepared to prove our effectiveness and provide credible proof of concept to justify our knowledge and competence. We’ve gained extensive experience in international projects, leasing Microsoft Dynamics teams for German, Italian, British and Scandinavian companies. We are able to provide the full spectrum of MD professionals, all of them skilled in English language and trained internationally. If you would like to get in touch and check what we can do for you, please contact me at: [email protected].

4.7/5 ( votes: 11)
4.7/5 ( votes: 11)
Magda Szymanowska

Business Developer at the Dynamics 365 Competence Center at Sii. She deals with the development and promotion of the product on international markets.

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