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About the client

A German semiconductor manufacturer founded in 1999, currently with about 47,400 employees and is one of the ten largest semiconductors manufacturers worldwide.

Business need

The Customer has taken the initiative to develop a new GUI application supporting multiple device types, including but not limited to radar and non-radar sensors (e.g., ultrasound microphones or CO2 sensors), with a high quality of user experience.

What we did

  • Development of the solution based on C++ and QT framework for the Windows platform
  • Added support for ultrasonic devices and CO2 sensors, besides multiple types of radar devices
  • Improved GUI user experience and performance of the application in comparison to the previous solution
  • Established its own testing framework and CI/CD environment
  • Achieved around 90% of code coverage by unit and functional tests run on an automated test bench
  • Preparation of User Manual document, test reports, traceability matrix, and a static code analysis report


The project resulted in the design of a new architecture and the development of a robust, reliable, and user-friendly GUI application capable of connecting to and control of a variety of client’s devices with the ability to keep a high-performing application. What is more, the current solution enables us to extend quickly the application with a new device of any type, based on a Software Development Kit delivered by the client, that is used to connect to and capture data from a given sensor.

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