About client

Intrum is a Europe’s undisputed market leading credit management company, with a complete range of credit management and financial services with strong base in collection operations.

The challenge

The Company had a problem with employees turnover. Employees had been leaving company because they hadn’t seen career opportunities and there were no clear vision of what they might have expected. The Client had needed to implement a solution which would decrease employee turnover, systemize promotion rules and communicate career opportunities in organization.

What we did

In the first step we created and implemented a competency model. We standardized job description cards in which we presented clear differences between qualifications and competences. Moreover, we described and distinguished their levels in relation to employees’ roles. In next step we designed career paths and created evaluation forms. We also prepared a guide for managers explaining and describing how to use then process and competency model in the most effective way. In the final step we designed a career paths scheme with brief description which explains the process.


Our team supported the Client in analysis, design of new processes and their implementation. Thanks to work of Sii consultants, the managers have been provided with a tool for impartial and objective employee assessment. They obtained instructions on how to define the strengths and weaknesses of employees, determine their development potential and communicate them the prospects of further development. The employees got clear promotion rules about what they need to do for development. Implementation of career paths and competency models showed them the possibilities for development, which resulted in reducing attrition and raising the level of employees’ satisfaction.

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